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1.1 for Android
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Nov 22, 2023
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7.0 and up
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Have fun exploring this small farm in the middle of the forest. Plant crops, take care of the plants, go fishing, whatever you like, but don't forget to have fun!

The area is said to have strange happenings if you aren't careful...

In Pumpkin Panic, you can play a short farming/survival game for free. A creepy creature is stalking you and you have to survive it.

About Pumpkin Panic APK

It is an action and puzzle video game An exciting and dramatic adventure takes place in a fantasy world in which the player assumes the role of a character.

This multiplayer focuses on the mystery of pumpkin attacks on the main character's city. In a flash, these pumpkins become ferocious and attack the city, threatening its well-being. In order to restore order and protect the city, players will take on the role of heroes.

Puzzles and items will be collected during the game, and players will need to improve their skills to deal with increasing challenges. The graphics and music in the game are impressive, creating a game space worth exploring.

Farming and Survival

Taking care of a yard while dangerous creatures are around is what the game is all about. In this mix of farming and survival games, players must protect their pumpkin patch from rats and other threats. Players must plan how to protect their crops and gather fully grown pumpkins while keeping an eye out for the dangers that are hiding. A black cat can help them.

Strange Atmosphere

Pumpkin Panic has a scary but fun setting where players can fish, plant veggies, and look around the farm. The setting of the game is not as peaceful as it seems, though. There is a constant feeling of tension and urgency because scary creatures keep interrupting the peaceful farming activities.

Features of Pumpkin Panic APK Latest Version

The game features many exciting and interesting features for players to enjoy. A list of the game's main features can be found below:

The storyline with a compelling twist

The game revolves around mysterious pumpkins attacking the city in an intriguing plot. In this game, players are heroes tasked with protecting the city and restoring order.

Puzzle Game

Logic challenges and puzzles are part of the Pumpkin Panic Game. As the player progresses in the game, he or she must solve puzzles and think about how to work around them.

Action and Combat

Action and combat systems in the game are diverse. The attacking pumpkin can be dealt with by using special weapons and skills. There are a variety of challenging environments in which matches can be played.

Items that need to be collected

Resources and items can be collected in-game for the purpose of enhancing a character's fighting ability and strength. A powerful weapon can be created with these items or new skills can be opened.

The music and graphics are beautiful

A bright and colorful environment design enhances the graphics of the Pumpkin Panic APK for Android. An attractive and attractive game space is created by appropriate music along with sound effects.

Various game modes to choose from

Gamers can explore and experience a variety of levels and game modes in the game. Players can either play the main story mode alone or go on adventures with friends in the multiplayer mode.

Evolution of a character

As players accumulate experience points and complete quests, they can upgrade and develop their character. Strengthening the character and allowing him to face more challenging challenges is the result of this

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