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Cherry Dev
0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 12, 2023
175 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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Rachel Problems APK is the ideal option if you're searching for a sandbox game with lots of high school drama, emotional upheaval, and dangerous obsession. Put yourself in the position of Yandere-Chan, a high school student who is madly in love with Senpai, a classmate. To win Senpai's heart, you must negotiate a perilous path filled with threats, acts of violence, and brutality. It may not be appropriate for everyone due to its violent images and mature themes, but it's difficult to ignore given the engaging gameplay and interesting plot. In this unique gaming adventure, explore a sandbox-style world, make wise decisions, and discover the secrets.

About Rachel Problems APK

Issues with Rachel In the insane, gory, and gruesome action-adventure game Android, which has 3D anime-style graphics, you'll take on the role of a young high school student with a very poorly hidden gay side. Your goal is to commit mass murder by using various weapons to kill your high school peers.

The protagonist of the game is a schoolgirl who is enraged with her peers and seeks revenge. The student develops a strong dislike for her peers throughout the game's plot and makes a promise to hold them accountable.


The gameplay of Rachel Problems Yandere Simulator APK is both exciting and unsettling. You take on the role of a spiteful schoolgirl in this game, seeking retribution in a dark and foreboding land. Using axes, umbrellas, and other objects, players can inflict horrifying blows on other characters in the game. As you advance, you'll be treated to a devastating spectacle.

An Inquiry Into Murderous Insanity

You must select between the story and sandbox game modes in the game. In the narrative mode, we must follow the plot's developments while allowing the protagonist's fixation to consume us. Our choices affect how things develop. However, we can dedicate ourselves to randomly murdering everyone on the high school grounds while playing in the sandbox mode.

Features of Rachel Problems APK Latest Version

Fun and distinctive sandbox gameplay

The life of Yandere-Chan, a high school student with strong emotions, is open for players to explore. The game provides a fascinating and distinct experience.

Handling passion, love, and risk

As Yandere-Chan, players must make their way through perilous situations, love, and desire. Gaining Senpai's love is the primary objective.

violent scenes and dark themes

There are violent scenes, threats, strikes, and gory killings throughout the game. Owing to its content, it is inappropriate for anyone who are younger than Nonetheless, the game's captivating gameplay and captivating narrative manage to maintain players' interest.

Engaging classroom environment

In Rachel Problems game dynamic educational environment, users can explore various spaces such as classrooms, halls, restrooms, and patios. Players are kept interested and the realism is enhanced by the attention to detail.

Different things and activities

Players can choose from a variety of activities and goods throughout the game. Because of this variety, players can strategize and carry out plans to attract Senpai's interest and oust possible romantic rivals.

Player options

The necessity of making decisions is emphasized in Rachel Problems Download. Players have to think things over carefully because every action they make affects the game. This gives the gameplay greater depth and complexity, which makes it more engaging and difficult.


In this thrilling sandbox game, users can delve into Yandere-Chan's life and make their way through danger, passion, and love. Though the game contains violent content, its unique gameplay and thought-provoking storyline manages to keep gamers interested. Rachel Problems APK is an engaging and immersive game experience because of its dynamic school atmosphere, variety of activities and goods, and emphasis on player choices. To get the app, go here.

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