Rask AI APK (AI Audio Translator)

Rask AI APK (AI Audio Translator) 1.0 Download for Android

App By:
Rask AI
1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 16, 2023
46 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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Using advanced AI, Rask redefines the process of business video translation with cost-effective, efficient, and human-quality localization.

With Rask AI APK, you can translate videos from any language to English using a new-generation translation and dubbing tool. Now that you can localize your video content and launch it globally in just two months, you can localize it and launch it anywhere in the world! She specializes in video & movies as a Translator. 

Video Editors, as well as Translators, are the most common alternatives to the app. If you need a more specific alternative or are looking for Rask AI's specific functionality, you can filter by these.

This SaaS platform-based AI automates and simplifies the process of localizing video content. With Rask AI, content creators, businesses, and startups alike can easily transform, translate, and dub videos as well as generate high-quality voiceovers and subtitles.

Generate transcripts, translations, and voiceovers for your videos.

‍Transcribing a video's voice onto a translated video is called voice cloning.

‍Several speakers: Give each speaker a different voice.

‍Here are the transcripts and translations in SRT format.

‍In AI rewriting, segment lengths that are too long in translation are shortened.

Rask AI APK Features

Using this amazing tool, users are able to seamlessly dub their video content across languages and eliminate language barriers. Rask AI has the following key features:

Real-time transcription

Video transcriptions are performed accurately and efficiently using Rask AI's cutting-edge algorithms.

AI-generated voice-overs

In addition to providing a wide selection of AI voices, the platform allows users to create multilingual voiceovers that sound professional.

Subtitling and dubbing

Using Rask AI APK for Android, videos can be subtitled and dubbed automatically, ensuring seamless localization.

Built-in editor

A one-stop solution for video editing, localization, and content creation, this app allows users to easily edit their videos.

Voice cloning

By cloning and converting spoken language into another language, Rask AI's voice cloning translation service enables individuals to easily communicate across linguistic boundaries.


Resources and budgets are often limited in startups. In addition to offering a cost-effective solution for startups to localize their products and services, Rask AI dubbing also enables them to reach a wider audience, allowing them to expand their audience.

Translation into local languages

A dubbed version can be easily substituted for the original audio track in Rask AI latest version, enabling content creators to localize their videos. As a result, video content such as TikToks, e-learning YouTube videos, and podcasts can reach a broader global audience and reach more people.


With Rask AI's dubbing, viewers with vision impairments or who speak a different language can now access video content in a more accessible way. These tools ensure that audiences can understand and interact with content by including captions or generating voiceovers.


The App can speed up and improve the dubbing process for production companies in the entertainment industry. This reduces the amount of time and effort needed for manual dubbing by synchronizing the dubbed dialogue with the actors' lip movements.

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