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0.3.2+20230902T083855.8e41b08 for Android
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Oct 07, 2023
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5.0 and up
Art & Design
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Take your home to the next level with Remodel AI

Photos of your home can instantly be transformed into a completely new one, complete with new flooring, new walls, and much more. 

A personal AI home designer is at your disposal with Remodel Ai Mod APK. Artificial intelligence can be used to visualize your home renovation in a variety of styles. With just a few clicks, you can see your home transformed, with new flooring, different walls, etc. There are many different architectural and interior design styles to choose from.

Explore the possibilities for your remodel and see what you like!

Styles for Remodeling

Get a better sense of how your home remodel will look using artificial intelligence. Interior design and architecture styles come in many different varieties.

Home Design Dreams with Remodel AI Mod APK

This app unlocks your inner interior designer, allowing you to customize your home like never before. Using Remodel AI's premium version, you'll be able to easily reimagine your living space. For those who are aspirational regarding home design, Remodel AI Mod APK is a must-have.

Creating visuals instantly

With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can see your home's transformation in real time. You can do it with the app. Easily transform your existing space into your dream one with photos and real-time transformation tools. It's the ideal way to test out paint colors, flooring, or layouts before committing to them.

Design Options for Interiors and Exteriors

The App enables you to express your creativity in a wide range of areas. In addition to interior design enthusiasts, it also caters to exterior design lovers. The app provides a wide range of design options to explore for your living room, kitchen, or garden. Find your ideal style, color, and material combination by experimenting with different combinations.

Flooring and walls play a crucial role in the aesthetics of your home. You can experiment with a variety of flooring materials and wall designs when you play Remodel AI Mod APK. Have you ever thought about installing hardwood floors in your living room, or adding an accent wall made of bricks? You can try it all risk-free with this feature.

The transformation of flooring and walls

Having the right flooring and walls plays a crucial role in the overall aesthetic of your home. Modify the flooring materials and wall designs with this app. What if your living room had hardwood floors or an accent wall made of bricks? All of these features are risk-free when you use this feature.

Features of Remodel Ai Mod APK Latest version

Remodeling of interiors

Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other interior rooms can be completely remodeled.

Exterior Remodel

Our services include remodeling homes, landscaping, and architecture.

Having new flooring installed

Our flooring installers can install any type of flooring instantly, including wood, carpet, tile, and concrete.

Building new walls

Painting, wallpapering, paneling, and more can be done instantly.

Landscaping renovations

Explore different styles and new landscaping instantly.


The ability to reskin and recolor objects such as furniture, appliances, walls, and cabinets without the need to purchase new ones.

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