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Revelation M -CBT APK 0.51.0 Download for Android

App By:
HaoPlay Limited
0.51.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 28, 2023
1.26 GB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
Role Playing
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You may freely explore the sky and go through the water in the breathtaking three-dimensional fantasy massively multiplayer online game Revelation M. Your wildest dreams will come true in this game; there are surprises around every corner, and rich adventures will reveal the hidden truth; there are tough dungeons and challenges that will test your bravery and skills; an intricate system of career development will help your character reach its full potential; and a new face-creation system will provide you with a plethora of customization and detail options!

A world in which everyone aspires to live

Our development team has spent many hours researching beautiful locations, referring to thousands of episodes, parks, and real theme parks, to create this universe. Players can fly over the clouds or plunge into the deep water in Revelation's expansive, colorful sea and sky, yet they will always feel rooted in reality. Our goal is to improve the immersive experience so that players can truly appreciate Revelation's vast, imposing, and breathtaking surroundings.

Change who you are and accept any role you choose

The value that Revelation wants to inspire our gamers to adopt is "creating a persona that has the courage to do what I may not". We have a complex fashion system with the most customization options and a character creation system in Revelation that lets you personalize every aspect of the game. The level of intricacy and quality is exceptional, going above and beyond what is seen in the greatest mobile role-playing games available right now. Sophisticated AI technology is utilized in the development of every NPC to enhance the player's gameplay experience.

Furthermore, a great deal of effort has gone into the social and employment systems with the goal of fostering the players' characters' originality. Join Revelation as a Dancer, Designer, Chef, Musician, Vigilante, or Designer to express yourself freely and create a vast community of like-minded gamers. Ultimately, our goal is for this feature to emerge as a game-changing tool that propels players into a new phase of roleplaying games.

Go through the world with me

Wonderful ocean and sky domains beckon you to discover! Transformation, riddles, finding hidden riches, making decisions—an immersive adventure on land, at water, and in the air! Make quick calls to pals so you may share the thrill of this vast globe with them!

Select how you appear

You may design the kind of character you've always wanted with the use of a face sculpting system, new characters, customized outfits, and cutting-edge customization technologies. Take a look at this new feature to add even more excitement to your enchanted gaming experience!

Features of the Game:

A Vast and Immersive Universe

Players are drawn into Revelation M's enormous and carefully crafted universe from the first minute they set foot in it. The designers have devoted many hours to researching picturesque locations, drawing inspiration from movies, TV series, theme parks, and actual theme parks to produce an aesthetically spectacular and engaging experience. The game lets players freely soar across the clouds and plunge into the ocean's depths, offering stunning scenery that ranges from wide-open sky to deep-sea exploration. Because of the meticulous attention to detail, Revelation M is a more immersive experience and a desirable place to live.

Enormous Journeys and Unknown Realities

There are many exciting experiences and undiscovered facts waiting to be uncovered in Revelation M. The game lets players solve the puzzles and find the secret meaning behind the world they live in, with an engrossing plot that shocks players at every step. The objectives of the quests and missions are to test players' bravery and skill levels while offering an exciting and fulfilling gaming experience.

Detailed Professional Growth

Revelation M is notable for its complex structure of professional growth. For their characters, players may select from a variety of vocations, each of which offers special skills and playstyles. With the help of this system, players may realize the full potential of their characters and tailor the gameplay to suit their tastes. Your character will develop and expand in the best possible way thanks to the professional growth system, regardless of your preference for a wily assassin, a formidable warrior, or a flexible wizard.

Numerous Customization Possibilities

Players may build distinctive and customized characters in Revelation M because of its rich customization system. Each character will feel unique because of the new face creation system's many choices for choosing facial traits and nuances. This degree of personalization lets the user express their imagination to the fullest and strengthens their bond with their character.

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