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Jonatas Ferreira
1.1 for Android
Updated On:
May 02, 2023
111 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up

There is a child named INDRA who is swept into the forest by a cyclone. When he meets a fairy, she tells him the only way to get there is to go running through the woods. Ensure that INDRA gets back to his home as soon as possible. In the forest, however, there are many obstacles to jump over. Help INDRA by skipping over the obstacles. You must help INDRA to collect fruit that will allow him to revive when he hits obstacles. 

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Neither the Second Sea boss nor the NPC Rip Indra should be confused with him.

Indra (also called Rip-Indra) is a level 30 monster. Based on the developer of the game of the same name, the 5000 Raid Boss. After defeating him, the player receives 1500 gold, three levels, the Shadow Sovereign title, and access to the map's portals. Indra drops the Valkyrie Helmet 100% of the time and the Dark Dagger 2.5% of the time.

It is Dark Blade V2 that Indra primarily uses as a weapon. After reaching a certain level of health, Indra awakens and regains all of his health. When Indra awakens, he will use the Slayer skin and other abilities provided by the Dark Blade.


As rip_indra spawns in the castle on the sea in the Third Sea, it is located within the palace of the castle on the sea. When Indra spawns, everyone's screen shakes, and very thick fog covers the world, making it difficult to see clearly, which is how the player can tell that Indra has spawned.

  • Methods of obtaining the Chalice
  • Kill Elite Pirates with a small chance of getting a Chalice
  • Chalices spawn every 4 hours in random chests
  • At the Haunted Castle, the Gravestone NPC is praying


Once a chalice is obtained, the Aura color quest must be completed. In order to complete the quest, the player needs to press three buttons hidden around Castle on the Sea. For this, the player needs three legendary Aura colors equipped: Pure Red (Red), Winter Sky (Pink), and Snow White (White). 

It does not require a Chalice for the player to press the buttons, it can be done any time. It's often easier to fight rip_indra in a group if you get a Chalice from a public server. The chalice should be placed on the pedestal located to the right of the entrance after all the buttons have been pressed.


  • As of the most recent update (Xmas update), Rip_Indra APK has 2550 levels more (currently 2450) than the current level cap (Lv. 2550). There are 5,000.
  • The Tushita puzzle can be started only after Indra has been spawned, he does not need to be alive to finish it.
  • It is recommended to have more than one player complete the button puzzle, except if the player already possesses all three legendary Aura colors.
  • It is necessary to kill Indra quickly to stop him from despawning after a while.
  • Upon the spawning of Indra and the defeat of rip_Indra, the name of "Castle On The Sea" will be changed to "Battle Of The Gods".

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