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1.0.2 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 11, 2023
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7.0 and up
Music & Audio
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By incorporating the unique Riztime design, Rizline APK is a rhythm game that features emotions and charts that move to the beat.

With a wonderful geometric sense, Rizline offers an exceptional musical journey. As the trajectory moves across the screen, the rhythm collides at the player's fingertips! The game is designed to be freer and unrestrained, so players can judge the trajectory on the full screen.

Flexibility and changeability make music fun for everyone. A complete audio game track experience is achieved through the unique Riztime design, emotions moving along with the rhythm, and scores rising with the music, creating a calmer and more immersive game.

Players can feel the rhythm colliding at their fingertips when playing "Rizline" because it uses a full-screen trajectory judgment method. As well as considering tension and expression, the game also considers the chart's expression. Music is directly felt by everyone by means of a flexible, changeable chart and a visual expression that corresponds to the mood of the music.

Additionally, the scoring method for the Realtime section has been specially designed to allow more players to fully experience each song. The chart and background will create colorful patterns in the sections of a song that depict the most powerful emotion. The correct Note touch will also increase HP and points rapidly at this moment. Furthermore, it facilitates the play experience of novice players while ensuring core players have enough space to play.

Features of Rizline APK

It is Rizline's goal to become more connected and closer to customers. Rizline is a music-based company whose mission is to connect people through music and bring the world closer together, even though the internet has clearly brought the world closer, it has also brought many people farther and farther apart as well.

  • There is not much complexity involved in the operation. It is generally said that practice makes perfect, so practice as much as you can
  • Getting enough points or persisting to the end takes two minutes for each level
  • When you win according to the rules, you should jump accurately and smash the appearing blocks.

You can enjoy an outstanding experience with the classic vertical screen and the operating system that are very in line with the palm feeling of the player

With one hand, you can play a large number of ACG songs in the music space

The player can tap each note on the screen to train their musical sense and become more accurate at completing challenges.

As part of the first release of "Rizline," there will be three free songs as well as a basic song package (27 songs in the first release). The basic song package activity can be unlocked using 1 gold coin. The currency earned through unlocking songs can then be used to unlock the following 27 songs, such as "RIP" and "On And On!!", "Bamboo" and "Sakura Fubuki"! A continuous update will also be made to the basic song package.

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