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Run Away 3 APK 3.0 Download for Android

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3.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 27, 2023
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Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Prepare to set out on a cosmic adventure in Run Away 3, a brand-new action-packed, high-adrenaline game. As soon as the adrenaline starts pumping through your system, you'll understand that this isn't your typical monster game. It's neither just a running game nor is it just one more of many skill games. It is an experience and much more than that.

Consider yourself a little extraterrestrial adrift in the vastness of space. Your goal? Explore galaxies distant from your home planet, forge a path across space and time, and navigate through nebulae and quasars. This is about surviving in the frigid expanse of space against all obstacles, not just about fleeing away.

In Run Away 3 game, running is essential to survival—it's not simply a choice. You'll get into serious trouble if you even slightly slow down. There's no turning back once you start playing this captivating running game, so grab a seat. Being a cosmic explorer implies that danger is always there; you have to be ready to flee or be engulfed by these alien dangers as they emerge as holes in space or tunnels arise out of nowhere.

About Run Away 3 APK

In this thrilling adventure game, you may go through an infinite tunnel throughout space. Get special skins for your avatar by gathering gold, and then use them to conquer every level!

In this exciting follow-up to Run Away unblocked premium, players take on the role of a little extraterrestrial and venture throughout space in search of a gigantic galaxy. Try out some of the other running games in our collection to unwind after a long workday or to pass the time on the weekends with loved ones. A fantastic experience!

This game has a lot of addicting potential. It captivates you with its captivating plot, keeps you interested with its fast-paced action, and hooks you with its flawless visuals. Get away from enormous monsters that will chill you to the bone that lurk in the shadowy reaches of space.

the game stands out from other monster or skill games on the market because to its blend of intense action and painstakingly detailed visuals. So prepare to run like never before by donning your running sneakers! Will you accept the challenge to explore at will in this thrilling space opera? Run away 3d from me now, or vanish forever.

Features of Run Away 3 APK Latest Version

100+ levels

The game offers you the opportunity to explore more than one hundred levels. You may always attempt the infinite mode if you manage to finish them all!

System of progression

After you finish the first few levels, the game becomes increasingly difficult. Each level has its own design.


Get skins for your character to make them more unique. A few of the purchasable skins also provide an edge in gameplay. Play with them all and have a great time!

How to play

In this never-ending running, you must remain on the platform and avoid floating off into space. To stick to your landing, you'll need to pay close attention to the distance and properly plan your leaps. There are two game types to choose from:

Without end. Continue running in the infinite mode and push yourself to get the best score you can. 

Examine mode. In this mode, explore hundreds of distinct levels. The stages become more challenging and even split into many smaller levels.

How to engage in gameplay

In Run Away 3 Apk Android APK, you take on the role of a missing young alien, and your mission is to help him explore the universe by helping him travel through space. Never give up and keep running! You won't believe what will happen if your steps get slower! While running through the space tunnel, you must maintain a constant pace to avoid obstacles such as sudden gaps. It's the ideal time to give it a try if you haven't already. I promise you won't regret it. Explore treacherous tunnels where holes appear out of nowhere that will constantly stop your feet in their tracks! However, exercise caution—this endless running game has a strong addicting quality. Leave immediately or disappear!

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