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Nov 09, 2023
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Sea Of Stars Mobile APK is an adventure game that you can download on your mobile device. An evil alchemist has created monsters to plague a world in this turn-based role-playing game. As a result, they will bring order to the chaos by controlling two children endowed with mystical powers.

You play as two Children of the Solstice in this epic adventure. As they wield Eclipse Magic against the nefarious alchemist, The Fleshmancer, they harness the powers of the sun and moon.

Explore a richly detailed world and interact with the environment as you engage in immersive turn-based combat and engage in a captivating storyline. The nostalgia of the past meets the fun of the present!

Utilize timed hits for maximum damage while minimizing incoming attacks. Combine multiple characters for devastating attacks, strategic locks, and tactical moves to bring your enemies to their knees. The gameplay no longer breaks up into separate arenas or encounters - it's seamless from start to finish!

Hundreds of original characters await you along with compelling storylines. A classic adventure and friendship theme is explored in Sea of Stars Download, all with a Sabotage twist!

Enjoy a classic RPG with a modern twist when you play Sea Of Stars Mobile latest version! Get to know the Solstice Children by exploring, battling, and uncovering their mysteries. You are about to embark on an exciting journey!

Battles based on turn-based engagements

When you press the action button, you will increase your damage output while reducing your incoming damage. Combat is also equipped with multi-character combos, boosting, and a strategic "locks" system that offers the option to play with different damage types to hinder enemies as they channel powerful attacks or spells. With no random encounters, no transition between different battlefields, no grinding, all in an immersive take on the genre.

A Traversal Unbound

With a navigation system that breaks free from the classic tileset bound-to-the-grid system, you can swim, climb, vault, jump, or hoist up ledges seamlessly through the world.

The adventure of a lifetime

With dozens of characters and storyline arcs, you'll enjoy an immersive experience. A Sabotage production, Sea Of Stars Mobile APK For Android explores classic RPG themes of adventure, friendship, and even a little bit of humor, at times. It also offers some unexpected twists and events you wouldn't expect from an RPG game.

It's a world you can experience

You can take a break from your adventures in the world of the Sea Of Stars Mobile Android APK by hanging out in one of the many ways available to you. All systems have been designed to deliver an experience that pays homage to retro classics while rethinking certain areas to offer a smooth and modernized experience. They can be used as a sailing adventure, cooking adventure, fishing adventure, or to listen to a song in a tavern.

Lighting with Dynamic Effects

A 100% dynamic lighting system means that things such as days and nights, weather effects, eclipses, and blood moons all happen smoothly, recoloring the world and rendering shadows accurately.

You will eventually get full control of the sun and moon as a Solstice Warrior, so you will be able to relax in your favorite spot in your preferred atmosphere, solve a lighting puzzle, or open a magic door only at midnight, all in real-time, whether you're just chilling in your favorite area with the ambiance of your choice.



The Winter Solstice was the day Valere was born, thus displaying curiosity and balance. Using her moonstaff, she can deal massive damage by absorbing Eclipse Orbs.

She follows the path of the Guardian Goddess Luana, trained in the martial ways of the monk. As she grows older, she sees her as someone who may one day "create paths on water", according to the Elder Mist.


Zale is an optimistic and bold person because she was born in the Summer Solstice. In order to boost his attacks even further, he uses a sunblade to absorb Eclipse Orbs.

It is through blade-dancing that he walks the path of Solen, the Guardian God. Elder Mist foretold that he would need to stare into the night within himself for ten years in order to find his light and reach his full potential.


It wasn't until Garl was eight years old that he discovered that he wasn't born with any special abilities. He was also trained as a chef, yet his natural ability to defend himself made him an excellent Solstice Warrior for his best friends.

Something peculiar about him intrigued the Elder Mist, as it appeared his heart was warm enough to "soothe a long tormented soul".

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