Shida弹琴助手 v6 2.4 sign APK

Shida弹琴助手 v6 2.4 sign APK 6.2.4 sign Download for Android

6.2.4 sign for Android
Updated On:
Sep 15, 2023
6.3 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Shida弹琴助手 allows you to learn piano and play piano on your mobile device! You can learn piano quickly with our extensive piano teaching tutorials, even if you have no prior experience!

We have a huge collection of piano music scores that you can choose from to practice!

Music scores can be collected with one click and accessed directly without any hassle!

Comprise a dynamic movement by following the mobile piano's rhythm!

About Shida弹琴助手 APK

Piano learning can be made more enjoyable with Shida Piano Assistant. Designed for piano beginners, this app offers a variety of features. It has a variety of tracks, and online etudes are also available.

A variety of games are supported by the app. Right in the upper corner is a switch. There are many types of instruments available, as well as Genshin Impact.

Hundreds of songs to choose from

In Shida弹琴助手 v6 2.4 sign APK, the piano is automatically played in this program. Currently, the music library contains more than 20,000 songs and is continually updated; it can be used by all mainstream games and has been adapted for a variety of games.

Music library with a wide range of games

All instruments can be automatically played by Playing Piano Assistant in mainstream games such as Eggman Party, The Day After Tomorrow, Genshin Impact, Light Encounter, and Harry Potter. We will launch the game as soon as possible if it is not available in the software. More than 20,000 songs are currently available in the online music library, and niche songs are also covered. Missing songs can be registered. A new song will be added to the music library every week based on registrations from users.

Features of Shida弹琴助手 APK

  • Musical instruments are easy to control and operate, making them a great choice for beginners.
  • Enhance performance effects by supporting user-defined chord libraries
  • With just one mobile phone, you can play and sing together in multiple modes
  • The instrument is easy to operate and control, making it suitable for beginners
  • Create performance effects with the help of a user-defined chord library
  • With a mobile phone, you can sing and play by yourself in multiple modes

Free trial, easy to get started

There are more than 200 songs available for free without the need to register. Using accessibility services, the Android version automates clicks, requires no root access, is safe and reliable, and is pure green. Easy to understand and use, the software interface resembles that of a standard music player.

An ever-expanding list of features

You can change the speed of the piano, change the pitch, select a track, jump, etc. with Shida弹琴助手 v6 2.4 sign APK. Different ways can be used to perform the same song. Automated performance scripts can be generated from mids using the software. Additionally, the software can be used to create playlists and perform other functions. New features are constantly being introduced based on user feedback.


  • Recognize the notes played by the user using advanced algorithms and sound recognition technology.
  • A multimedia experience that includes original sound effects, background music, and other elements to enhance user immersion.
  • In addition to original songs, it also features translated songs from Genshin Impact games.

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