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0.3.6 for Android
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Jan 06, 2024
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5.0 and up
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The Darklord comes back to Vorgor after being away for years and starts to build an army. However, you need to get stronger before you can attack your enemies in the peaceful lands of Erolandia. The best way to get stronger magical power is.... sex.

You can go on a rampage across the land using the Ring of Erotic Power to make women your slaves and turn them into your obedient, horny nymphomaniacs.

Keep in mind that the game will save itself.

You can skip the first girl's training if you've already done that part of the game. Instead, click the CHEAT button in the upper right corner of the Main Castle room to go straight to the second part of the game.

About the Slave Lord APK

An adventure game called Slave Lord: Realms of Bondage tells the story of a tough and brave female knight. As a whole, this is not a training game because it has sexual scenes all through it.

Both games are playable in the same way; the only thing that makes them different is the main character and the story that is told in the background. The main goal of this game is to fight and beat the goblin monsters, but there will be 18+ scenes in between.

During the game, you and the female character will talk to each other, which could lead to adult scenes. You are allowed to tell him anything that comes to your mind.

Features of the Slave Lord APK Latest Version

Many players like the adult scenes in Slave Lord: Realms of Bondage with cartoon characters. Another exciting part of this game is the dialogue or chat between you and the character. This is how you get to adult things.

Adult Storyline

The main point of this game is to show different adult scenes from the characters. But the story or background information in this game also makes it fun to play.

New Scene Update

New scenes will be added to this game with every update. There is adult content in every scene, which keeps players interested and always looking forward to the next update.

Automatic Save

In this game, players don't have to save by hand, and there's no way to do that. All of your game progress will be saved automatically every time you stop playing and quit the game right away.

How to Play Slave Lord

To start a new story, you can choose "New Game 1" at the beginning of the game. The next step is to add your name as a player who controls the "slave master" character. In the game, the female character is named Kaylin.

You have to have a chat with Kaylin where you have to choose one of several answers. When you finish a talk or when Kaylin beats a monster, an adult scene may start.

There is no way to go back or save or even buttons or menus that let you move the figure around the screen. This is because the game runs itself, and all players have to do is tap on the figure.

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