Slow Mo Run Football APK

Slow Mo Run Football APK 2.9 Download for Android

2.9 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 29, 2023
106.6 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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This unique fast-paced runner requires you to run and drag your limbs to hit, kick and punch the enemies. You can choose a custom fighting pose to engage in a variety of combats, dodge bullets, shoot guns, and dodge bullets. A variety of fighting styles are available in this game, including boxing, karate, judo, kung fu, jiu-jitsu, and spider fighting. Become a ninja in this game and face people one on one, run duels, parkour, and even fight epic bosses. Game mechanics give you full control over your character's movement and attack style, allowing you to pick your own fighting style and pose. There is also an engaging storyline and cool parkour levels in this game.

Play this fun game of drag-and-run

Slow Mo Run Football APK lets you drag your character along a curved path to avoid obstacles and fight enemies. Your avatar needs to act fast to avoid the traps and attack the enemies on time by pulling on the right body part. Your character can die if you do not follow these instructions.

Since you have to control the character every step of the way, Slow Mo Run Football APK is very different from other running games. Additionally, you have the option of playing the game in different modes.

Unlockable gameplay with fun features

It is easy to understand and master the gameplay of the Slow Mo Run Football APK. By tapping on the screen, you begin the game. Drag the encircled body parts to assist your character in attacking an enemy or avoiding an obstacle. You can give your character another chance by double-tapping the screen.

The world mode allows you to expand your territory and unlock mini-games by passing levels. In addition, you can purchase new characters with the prizes or acquire them as you progress through the game. By beating a given set of stages in story mode, you will also be able to unlock side stories. You will earn rewards after completing each level of a story.

Since the game's name implies that it will slow down when you encounter enemies or obstacles. During this time, you will also be given instructions. You will appreciate this in the game's early levels, but if you prefer continuous play, this will become a disruption. Instructions cannot be disabled, unfortunately.

Despite the disruptions, the game is still fun

It has simple controls and a variety of modes that make it quite entertaining. In addition to the ever-changing environments, enemies, and obstacles, the app is more engaging because it is constantly changing. Even if you are familiar with the gameplay, constant hints can be off-putting. The inconvenience is minor and can be ignored as simply part of the game.

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