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SoulArk: Teleport APK 1.0.12 Download for Android

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1.0.12 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 02, 2023
1.05 GB
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7.0 and up
Role Playing
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In SoulArk: Teleport APK, players take part in tactical action roles as they travel across the world. As you and a beautiful girl collect Soul Ark pieces through different dimensions, you will teleport through many different realities.

2D graphics are present in the game, as well as beautiful effects and sexy images and looks are featured on the female characters. A vivid sound effect, as well as vibrant, diverse and diverse background music, complement the video.


A turn-based gameplay system will be used for battles. When it comes to a character's turn, the player can decide which skills to use. Typically, each character has three skill sets: basic skills, soul skills, and ultimate skills.

When you use soul skills or ultimate skills, you will consume energy points and their cooldown time will increase. In addition to EXP and gold, you will receive Soul Dust and gold for winning each battle.

SoulArk: Teleport APK has the following unique features:

  • Beautiful effects and 2D graphics
  • Beautiful sexy characters are available here
  • Play this simple action strategy game by turning the dial
  • Collect nearly 50 different female characters
  • In addition to PvP activities, there are also PvE activities

Various modes

Obtain the Soul Ark by progressing through Story Mode. Adventure Mode allows you to grow your team and take on challenging stages. Take the arena to the next level and outsmart your opponents. There is always something exciting going on at Soul Ark.

Character diversity

Almost 50 female characters are available in SoulArk: Teleport APK Latest version, which has three levels each: R, SR, and SSR.

There are four characters in the game, each of whom has his or her own skills and is also divided into five different roles. This allows you to create a team of four people.

By leveling up, breaking through, increasing stars, and wearing equipment, gamers can enhance the strength of their characters.

As well as PvP and PvE activities such as arenas and boss challenges, the game also has a variety of PvE activities that can be engaged in and earned rewards for.

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