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Subtransit Drive APK 1.0.7 Download for Android

1.0.7 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 02, 2023
780 MB
Required Android:
9 and up
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Subtransit Drive APK is a simulation of what it would be like to drive a subway train. Because the game relies on time and flow, the difficulty can increase at any time.

Developed for multiple platforms, Subtransit Drive incorporates realistic graphics with an immersive presentation of the game's environment. 

Unique engineering solutions and different architectural styles of the underground are included in this project which allows users to appreciate the technical development stages of the rolling stock.

It stimulates the stress of driving trains during rush hour in a busy metropolitan subway system, by offering realistic graphics and immersive gameplay.


In Subtransit Drive, players experience all aspects of navigating an urban subway system with a multi-platform train simulation. As players operate on the line, signaling, radio communications, and power distribution systems respond to their actions, allowing them to learn how to operate the systems on their own or with their friends.

Wagon Software claim that Subtransit Drive APK offers realistic physics and immersiveness that have never been seen before in the genre, available for free with in-app purchases. Single or multiplayer mode is available, and the game offers a variety of features, including freeride, customized sessions, challenges, accomplishments, skill progression, and a support system.

Through the implementation of all engineering systems, the simulator presents fully detailed cars and interiors as well as artificial intelligence traffic.

It is fully implemented here that the train movement system works. Managing the transport, maintaining a strict schedule, and observing the movement of the entire metro line are all a part of your job. We ensure that our driver is not distracted from the work process by having an exact copy.

  • Exactly the same as the metro line
  • Providing functional management with learning opportunities
  • Modern shaders provide realistic graphics
  • Multiplayer support for riding or controlling trains by multiple people
  • You can move around the train and the world as you please, in the style of FPS
  • We use real metro tracks with high precision for all of our track data and signaling layouts.

Subtransit Drive APK includes rush hour

Consider every aspect of moving when setting up a route, selecting rolling stock, and monitoring the load on the line. Beginners can be instructed what to do next by a workout in case they encounter difficulties. For mobile devices, the controls are implemented very realistically, and the location of the buttons will allow you to explore the gameplay in more detail.

In order to take the physics of traffic into account, the developer has implemented automatic speed limit zones.

Stunning sound quality

Get lost in the underground traffic atmosphere, as well as the sounds of vehicles roaring

Multiple players are present

Play competitively with your friends; Compete with other trains on the same line as you. However, it is possible to make a mistake, since they cannot be run into.

An escalating rating system

You are more likely to achieve adaptive help if you spend more time playing the game. When playing the game for the first time, there may be problems.

For the trains, a detailed system model is provided

Simulated things include electric relays, power circuits, control circuits, pneumatics, etc. Based on the actual schematics, the train systems model has been created verbatim.

Physical/dynamics model with advanced features

In addition to calculating the wheel vs rail collision, all dynamics (hunting oscillations, etc) are recreated to recreate the dynamic motion of the profiled wheel vs profiled rail. Train physics is calculated using PhysX in conjunction with this model.

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