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Surviv io APK 1.1.2 Download for Android

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1.1.2 for Android
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Dec 24, 2022
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4.4 and up

A 2-D Battle Royale packed with intense action awaits you in a community of over 100 million players. We don't have lobbies, we don't have lengthy waits, and we don't have lengthy drop sequences. An ever-changing set of locations will provide you with a fast and dirty combat experience. Be strong... conquer!

In Surviv io APK, you play a 2D survival game against other players. Based on the popular battle royale game mode, is similar to PUBG and Fortnite. As you progress in the game, you will acquire weapons and other gear by looting them. It is also possible to get gear from other players if you take them down. Red zones that close in on the game area should be avoided. A winner is determined by who is left standing.

As in other battle royale games, players scavenge for supplies and weapons on a large map and compete against other players. You can also play as a team of two or four players in the game.


A circular "red zone" encircles players in this 2D grid-like game, with a circular "red zone" shrinking as the game progresses. A player in the "red zone" loses health every second, and as the game progresses, the amount of health lost per second increases.

In addition to their fists, players can find extra gear in crates, houses, and other buildings throughout the map. Buildings and loot locations are randomized in each game based on a randomly generated map. The last player alive wins. If a player drops all their items upon death, they lose everything they own.

Gameplay modes offer exclusive weapons and items that rotate for a limited time.

Various equipments available here

Shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, snipers, and long-range snipers are all available in the app. In addition to melee weapons, throwable grenades and katanas are also available. Additional ammunition is required for most weapons, which can be purchased separately. Players have the option to use 1x (smallest field of vision) or 15x (largest field of vision) scopes to see their surroundings better. Players are protected by vests and helmets, which vary in level of protection. The healing items used by the players is consumables.

The features of 

  • Looting weapons from an arsenal
  • Perks and consumables give you an edge
  • To view stats, quests, and loadouts, you must log in
  • If you want the best experience, play full screen

How to play is a classic battle royale game, designed around basic survival principles. You start with nothing and are able to score loot and kill other players as you progress through the game. In order to succeed, you should arm yourself with a weapon and ammunition. Health and adrenaline levels can be replenished with consumables. When you die, you cannot respawn. Think tactically and play cautiously.

You can unlock your personal stats, quests, and loadout by logging in through one of your social media accounts.

Various Game Modes

Only one game mode exists in Surviv io APK, which is the battle royale mode. There are red no-go zones around the map in this mode where the play area shrinks. Due to this, players are forced closer to the middle of the battlefield, where fighting is more intense.

You can play this game alone, with a friend, or with four other players.

A lot of Weapons available

There are many weapons you'll come across in The main weapon categories are as follows:

  • Pistols
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • Assault rifles
  • IMGs
  • DMRs
  • Sniper rifles

These categories cover a variety of weapons, each with their own stats, which you can find scattered about the map as loot.

The perks

In addition to looting and acquiring roles, players can also gain perks in the game. As a result of perk upgrades, you gain special abilities such as health regeneration and heightened adrenaline levels. In addition, you can take advantage of many other perks throughout the game.


  • Get some ammo and a weapon quickly
  • Ammo should be used tactically
  • Buildings are good places to hide
  • Make sure consumables are safe to use
  • It is best to use stat-boosting items
  • Make sure you play quickly and cautiously

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