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Sword of Convallaria APK 1.0.4 Download for Android

1.0.4 for Android
Updated On:
Aug 09, 2023
103.2 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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Featuring turn-based gameplay and interesting Pixel graphics, Sword of Convallaria APK is an enjoyable role-playing game. A small country called Iria, whose Crystal resources are rich, resides in the heart of the storm. In spite of this, the riots that have taken place are causing a civil war.

There is no difference between factions in the civil war in terms of using all means and abilities to overcome the enemy. Iria is also being manipulated covertly by outside forces using various methods. This chaotic nation of Iria will be brought to life by you. This is a great choice if you're a fan of turn-based games and adventure games.

It offers a wide variety of characters to choose from. Each skill corresponds to a weapon, and the character in this game utilizes a weapon. The game can be played with a sword, shield, archery, or gun, and some people even use magic.

Thrilling plot

A small country, 'Iria', which has abundant spar resources and fell into civil war after a suspicious riot, is the central character of the main storyline of the game. Under the guidance of fate, the player took control of a mercenary group in a small town. As you survive and protect people around you, you must choose your forces, manage your own mercenary group, complete commissions to prove your worth and provide a way for the struggling Ilyas to stay alive and survive. In this game, through the gate of destiny, you can enter an independent time and space, rewind and change the past, and take in the experience like any other complete standalone game, immersing yourself in it from start to finish.

Pixel art style unique to the art world

Sword of Convallaria APK with its unique art style, was designed with a brand-new engine. You feel as if you are in a world full of vitality and charm as you experience the game's incomparable visual feast, made up of beautiful character drawings and a beautiful world map.

Deep strategy gameplay in classic war chess

With "Sword of Convallaria", players can experience highly strategic gameplay based on timeless classic war chess. It is very important to think carefully and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and your opponent, so as to select the best strategy for defeating your opponent. You will be able to find an appropriate tactical experience by using terrain and environmental props!

War chess's first multi-week game played by a single player

Game endings can be found in a variety of branches. As a result of their choices, players will acquire different companions and obtain a variety of skills. Furthermore, the town will develop in a different way. Depending on the choices and performances the players make, the plot can change. In a multi-week process, you will gradually uncover the truth and conspiracy behind the civil war, then consider what the world could look like without war.

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