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Tank Company Mobile APK 1.2.0 Download for Android

App By:
Netease Games Global
1.2.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 17, 2023
1.32 GB
Required Android:
4.3 and up

There are over 100 World War II and Cold War tanks to choose from, including popular models, prototypes, and test vehicles from the USSR, the USA, and Germany.

Engage in battles around the world on massive maps a kilometer in size. You'll use obstacles and geographic features to gain an edge over the competition, whether it's in the blazing deserts of North Africa or the frozen tundra of icy Nordic towns.

You get stronger the more you play! The experience points you earn by winning and destroying enemy tanks can be used to upgrade your tanks and research new tanks.

About Tank Company Mobile APK

This is the new tank battle game, Tank Company Mobile, that can be downloaded now for Android devices. Players outmaneuver each other on the battlefield and seek to destroy their opponents as teams of players engage in large-scale, real-time battles on historical maps with realistic tanks and weapons.

There are over a hundred tanks in this game, which is a massively multiplayer tank shooter based on actual World War II and Cold War vehicles. Future updates will add even more tanks from different nations to the roster of the game. 

A wide range of tank types

You can choose between five types of tanks, including light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled artillery. Each has its own special characteristics. Heavy machines with thick armor that protect their teammates from harm are swift tanks capable of avoiding enemy fire and scouting the battlefield. 

Tank Company Mobile APK allows you to build and deploy your teams in any way you like, from long-range snipers to support units. There will be a lot of enemies in it, but players needn't worry just about enemy vehicles. 

Find maps of various types

Tank Company Mobile APK has maps with a size of up to 1 million square meters, including a number of locations that were used to fight some of history's most famous battles. Each provides its own challenges when it comes to controlling a battlefield, such as scorching deserts, snow-covered towns, and abandoned factories. The terrain can impact the ability to move or provide cover from enemy fire, so players need to factor it into their plans when planning tank battles.

In the game Tank Company, you will find the following features:

  • The special effects are original and advanced.
  • There are a lot of real twentieth-century models.
  • A hundred-hectare map with several huge maps.
  • Fifteen versus fifteen tank battles

The game has a progression system, where players can choose from a variety of Tier 1 tanks, work their way up, and then master the mighty Tier VIII tanks with the best stats and weapons. In Tank Company Mobile APK, there are 15v15 mass-battles between teams of tanks. But there is more to the game than that, as there are also other modes, such as a “Hide and Seek” mode, which emphasizes stealth, and a “Low Gravity” mode that reduces the weight of the vehicles. Teams of friends can even form their own tank platoons and play together to win in Tank Company Mobile APK, with lots of different ways to have fun.

Among the most impressive aspects of the game are its detailed visuals and realistic lighting and shadow effects, even on mobile devices, which feature tanks and weapons in stunning detail. To make the battles as immersive for players as possible, we will keep tweaking the game's performance over time.

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