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0.1 for Android
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Jan 23, 2023
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5.0 and up

The third-person action-adventure video game The Last of Us APK takes place during the post-apocalyptic events of the game. A player progresses through the story by traversing ruined environments and passing through buildings, sewers, and cities. Infected by a mutated Cordyceps fungus, hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures are defeated using guns, improvised weapons, and stealth. 

Artificial intelligence controls Ellie and other occasional companions in the game; Joel controls most of the story as Joel escorts Ellie across the United States. An episode of the story temporarily gives Ellie the role of a playable character.

Combat can either be carried out with long-range weapons (such as rifles, shotguns, and bows) or short-range weapons (such as pistols, revolvers, and short shotguns); melee weapons are also available (such as pipes and baseball bats). Distracting, stunning, or attacking enemies can be accomplished with bottles and bricks.

As a simple sample of the game, this version is not much more than that. The game's setting is similar to the urban scenes in The Last of Us, but each level is surrounded by 'clickers' that appear in one area and attack you. Your handgun and rocket launcher are both handy weapons that can help you protect yourself.


An innovative yet well-defined combat system drives gameplay. The only way you'll survive is if you know how to use objects lying around, like stones, bricks, etc. Joel must protect Ellie and himself from hand-to-hand combat situations quite often. In addition, there is a lot of gunplay involved. It is difficult to kill the monsters with a single shot due to limited ammunition options and tricky shooting controls.

Featuring aggressive AI, the game offers a challenging experience. So if you disturb a bystander or meddle with an infected group, you are immediately attacked. Soldiers and bandits never leave a chance for you to hide and try to flush you out. It is possible to keep yourself safe by using smoke bombs or other weapons. The Last of Us is a highly action-packed adventure, perfect for anyone who enjoys action games.

What is the goal?

A mentor-mentee relationship emerges between the main characters as the story progresses. As they seek safety and solace, they repeatedly travel from dangerous places too dangerous places. Ellie remains optimistic and enthusiastic throughout the journey, while Joel remains cynical.

In addition to the fun gameplay, the storyline is solid thanks to the will and determination of both characters. From evil villains to struggling survivors, the supporting characters in this Windows game are well-developed. 

Joel and Ellie must take extreme measures to survive while traveling across hordes of bloodthirsty monsters. Bricks must be used to smash monsters' heads, weapons must be sought that may help them survive, and other survivors must be saved from zombie-like infected creatures. A game such as The Last of Us is definitely not suitable for children under a certain age due to all its horrors.

You'll be kept on your toes in this survival game

Naughty Dog wouldn't have been wrong to imitate a popular series, given the wide range of zombie-based survival games currently available online. 

There are numerous heart-wrenching and scary moments in The Last of Us, as well as solid game mechanics. Stay alive by shooting some zombies and grabbing the ammunition.


This game is incredibly intuitive in terms of its controls. Using the virtual movement stick on the left, you control Joel and using the action buttons on the right, you can crouch, shoot aim, reload, and change weapons. You cannot control Tess, Joel's partner, who follows you around at all times.

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