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Towa Tsugai APK 1.1.2 Download for Android

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1.1.2 for Android
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Feb 23, 2023
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7.0 and up
Role Playing

A new RPG game that brings the genre to life, Towa Tsugai APK is an exciting new offering. Contains a unique story line and fun gameplay, and this game is well worth checking out.

Defeat your enemies in the battle fantasy RPG Towa Tsugai, which is extremely exciting. In this game, players must resist the cruel fate that is threatening the relationship between a girl " Tori ".

As the "Black Sea" slowly destroys a world, the game takes place in that world. People formed a "Cage Cage Special Disaster Response" group to fight these monsters when a strange creature known as "Evil" appeared from the sea, "Chaos Witch" was the most powerful " Beast" of the "Devil", and even if the deaths are sad and painful, the organization sends a young couple, known as "Tsugai", to the front lines against these formidable opponents. Neither these women nor their “ Tsugai ” can save them.

A pair-based battle RPG, this game allows you to control two characters who must resolve a mystery set in a fantasy world.

Your goal as you play through the game is to unravel the mystery surrounding the relationship between the two main characters.

You can unlock items that will help you advance through Towa Tsugai by purchasing in-app purchases.


Tugai is the name given to the pair formed by the girl "Tori" in Towa Tsugai APK. In order to progress through the game, players must defend and fight beside their partners. "Oshitsugai" are powerful witches that players can raise and challenge one another. In order to win or lose, it all comes down to how they feel about each other. Each Tsugai is able to mount a tower and make cooperative attacks during the battle. The secret story of two people will only be revealed to players who deepen their bond with "Tsugai.".


A beautiful story runs through " Tori " and the girls' stories are filled with individuality. Performing in a rich voice, the game's voice will draw players into its rich world. It includes a real-time combat system and an automatic mode that helps you attack your enemies.

"Tsugai" pairs Fates, Crow, and Swan are easily recognizable from the game. Over time, they became closer and got to know one another. Identical twins Long Tail and Sparrow have lived together their entire lives.

It is obvious that they are interested in each other, but because they are very close, it is sometimes difficult for them not to hurt each other. During their childhoods, Owl and Flamingo (both played by Azumi Waki) shared personalities that were not unlike one another. In spite of this, they were always together and could not live without one another. Hummingbird and Crane, who are in the conspiracy, meet when they both find themselves in the "Cage." Their imprisonment binds them together. Their relationship is calm and simple because they both enjoy the same things.

These features include:

  • Role-playing games such as Towa Tsugai APK are excellent because of their many features. The following are among them:
  • Gameplay is enhanced by beautiful graphics and a beautiful soundtrack
  • Keeping players engaged with a compelling storyline
  • With diverse abilities and skills, these characters are unique and customizable
  • Gameplay that incorporates strategy through turn-based battles
  • Offering a break from the main storyline are numerous side quests and activities

Build a stronger relationship with TsUGAI

Your relationship with the girls determines whether you succeed or fail in this game. You can summon pillars one for each snail and work together in cooperative battles. Strengthening your bond with TUGAI will also enhance your abilities, as well as reveal their secret story.

Stunning graphics enhance the main story

Progress through the game by following the stories of different girls from TUGAI. Characters are brought to life with full voice acting by the gorgeous voice actors. 

A battle that takes place in real-time

Playing the game is dynamic and exciting due to the active time battle system. It's possible to play the game automatically if you're not good at it, which will help you progress quickly.

Take a look at The Tsugai Girls

Discover the individual personalities and abilities of the Tsugai girls. We've got the following girls:

  • Initially, you'll crash with Raven (CV: Reina Kudo) and Swan (CV: Rika Tachibana) in a pair with CAGE. You'll learn to trust each other and develop stronger bonds.
  • Sparrow (CV: Liyo Takahashi) and Enaga (CV: Tsubasa Tana) are twins who have been together since birth. Their love for each other is strong, but sometimes they can become too close. The young Enaga is trying to establish a relationship despite the fact that he is still young.
  • While always together, Owl and Flamingo have developed an invaluable relationship as childhood friends with opposing personalities.
  • There is a divine relationship between you and Hummingbirds (CV: Michitoda) since you are members of "CAGE." Your interests match, and so you gain a calm relationship.
  • For some reason, Moz and Swallow (CVs: Akira Head, Hyuga South) teamed up to work together. Despite their opposing ideas and ideologies, they can achieve breathtaking coordination in combat.
  • The music and animation of Towa Tsugai APK were designed by Keichi Okabe and Shoto Seno (MONACA), making the game top-notch from beginning to end.

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