Tower of God: Great Journey APK (Global) APK

Tower of God: Great Journey APK (Global) 2.1.3 Download for Android

App By:
2.1.3 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 17, 2023
133.4 MB
Required Android:
7.1 and up
Role Playing

With Tower of God: Great Journey APK, NGELGAMES brings another entry to the RPG genre. An adaptation of the popular webtoon Tower of God. There is a story retelling the major events from the original anime in the game, which is based on the same world. Multi-character collections are possible, and players can progress through them. 

Players will seek out free rewards in the game, as there are many items and characters available.

As the main character of the game, Twenty-Fifth Baam, you will meet a variety of Tower of God characters. During battles, players will be joined by a number of charismatic characters, visualized in delicate 2D graphics and slick animations.

There are no weaknesses in Tower of God's game mechanics. There are a number of enjoyable RPG features in the game for players. Character units in the game can be improved in many ways to improve their combat effectiveness. There are a variety of in-game items and equipment available to enhance the characters' abilities.


You play the game using a card system and can choose which hero to use. Tower of God: Great Journey APK offers a great deal of depth and versatility by letting you directly control your character and create your own cards.

In addition to bonding to increase affection and power between characters, bonds can be used to access new skills and learn new abilities.

This game features numerous modes, including:

Rice Cooker

During this mode, you will be able to farm for idle rewards which are also strengthened your character. Each floor has enemies that you must fight and defeat.

Story mode

In story mode, you progress through the story of the game. There are a number of rewards that you can accrue from this auto-battle mode, including summoning stones, upgrades, items, and more.

Challenge Mode

The main challenge mode contains many sub-challenges where you will battle bosses and get materials to upgrade your character's equipment, bonds, gold, and upgrades.

Weapons & Gear

Throughout the game, you will be able to utilize the unique abilities of each character based on their specific starting weapons. In this case, banners will allow you to upgrade your starting weapons.

From the main story and tower of trials, you can also get starter weapon enhancement stones for upgrading starter weapons.

Also, you can unlock gear through the story and idle systems, such as gloves, boots, armor, and more.

Whenever you equip your characters with gear, your characters can gain strength and improve. Using lesser armor enhancement stones and gold is also an option to upgrade them.

Using Tower of God: Great Journey APK to reroll efficiently

In rerolling, players restore a desired player or hero at the start of their journey in order to have a smooth journey. This strategy allows players to try their luck multiple times without spending real money, giving them a better chance of obtaining powerful or rare characters. As part of the game, players have the option of acquiring a number of top-tier characters. 

Two methods are available for rerolling. The easiest way is to play as a Guest, delete your account, and log back in.

The game can be started without logging in to Google. By doing so, your data will not be linked, and the Guest feature will not be available to you.

It is possible to skip the story content after you have seen the tutorial at least once.

From the Mailbox, mission and quest rewards, or anywhere else you can find them, claim the Gifts and Summon Tickets you need to roll in the banners.

The Characters, On the right side of the Summon submenu, you can summon Pickups and Regulars. Your choice of character is crucial.

Five to ten characters can be rolled with the rewards you have already received.

Legendary characters are less likely to appear, but you can try as many times as you want to acquire Legendary characters. If these characters appear, make that account your main account.


Real-world money and completing objectives can be used to get different currencies.

There are different sections of the shop in each currency. The following are some of them:


  • There is only one way to acquire diamonds: either by achieving a goal or by buying them with real money. Using this currency, you can purchase anything.

Market Coins

  • In your guild's king's command challenge, coins can be obtained by fighting bosses or bought with diamonds. The tower of trials can be accessed with this currency by purchasing summoning stones, gold, and keys.

Summoning Token

  • Purchasing Summoning Tokens is done by completing quests or story levels, or by purchasing market coins or diamonds. Banners are purchased using this currency.


  • Idle rewards or mission completions result in gold being earned. In addition to buying armor, spells, tower keys, and summon stones, gold can be used to improve the skills of heroes and improve their abilities.

Team Building

In order to win the game, you need to build a strong team. In short, you can change characters in order to create the optimal team for whatever mission or enemy you are facing.

The gameplay is centered around strategy, with a great deal of freedom in the team creation process.

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