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Valiant Force 2 APK 1.3.16 Download for Android

1.3.16 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 17, 2023
1.12 GB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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With this strategy RPG, you will have a turn-based battling system to deal with and a new game to add to your gacha collection. It is a must to keep the most powerful heroes with you during fights if you want to make a power move and be better at your battles, as we already mentioned. In the event that you are unsure of whom to choose, what do you do? Considering that there are a lot of opponents here, that is not a wise decision.

With new characters, stunning visuals, and a rich storyline, players will return to the world of Arathos years after the original. We introduce new protagonists to the series, which gives you a fresh perspective on the story. The Crystal of Arathos has disappeared, so Elise Arkwright embarks on a journey across Arathos in search of it. Elise is tasked with bringing her childhood hero, Felix Vulcan, to justice along with her closest friends, Maeve Astraea and Felix.

Strategic Hero-Collection RPG Valiant Force 2 APK features tactical turn-based combat with a dramatic campaign. Job and Aura Link Systems, two iconic gameplay features, are returning, allowing players to tailor their heroes for battle. The introduction of new features, such as the Element System and Airship Battles, adds new possibilities and challenges to the award-winning franchise.

Stunning tactical RPG gameplay

Valiant Force 2 stands out due to its tactical RPG gameplay, as we've discussed so far. Characters move and attack on turns as they play out the battles in a grid. Further, each of these characters has unique skills, stats, and jobs, which allow them to act differently. Every hero contributes to the fight in a unique way, regardless of whether they are tanks, support, DPS, or other types.

When your characters are fresh, fights will start out slow, but as you gain more skills, they will accelerate and become more challenging, increasing in stakes and complexity as you progress. Characters can deal more or less damage depending on the elemental skills they possess and the target's strengths and weaknesses. An elemental matchup system is an example of such a system that will become extremely important later on.

Valiant Force 2 APK, as the title suggests, is shaping up to be one of the best tactical RPGs out there at the moment.

Build a strong team of heroes

Three heroes have been added to your roster, with many more still to arrive. Their jobs, unique skills, and auras will help them defeat these fearsome creatures that have never been seen before.

Introducing the first narrative video

XII Braves has released the first narrative video focusing on the relationship between Leon Darcan, the protagonist of Valiant Force 2, and Elise Arkwright, the protagonist of Valiant Force 2 APK.

Benefits of pre-registration

The first players to download the game will be rewarded with exclusive pre-registration rewards! You'll get 3,000 gems, skins that are exclusive to pre-registration, and Lola Winters, the hero you can only obtain through pre-registration!

For new players, SSR Heroes are free

To help new players get started in the game, new players will be gifted one of three SSR Heroes. Become a member of your team by choosing from Victoria, Faye, or Altima!

Exclusive costume free of charge

As a reward for completing the tutorial missions, you will receive a free Jenny skin. The frying pan and spatula that Jenny uses as her signature weapons will be replaced with gear skins.

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