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Sep 13, 2023
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Having a co-pilot who knows the roads off by heart and understands your driving preferences is like having a superpower. With Vietmap S2, you can do just that.  

About Vietmap S2 APK

Featuring simple navigation, intuitive images, and accurate data, This is an intelligent navigation app that inherits unique driving assistance features. Safe and convenient driving is made possible by traffic that is exclusive to Vietnamese drivers.

The real-time traffic data offered by the app. Many of us have experienced traffic jams and wished we had taken another route. Through this app, you can say goodbye to this problem. You can avoid congestion and reach your destination more quickly with the app's up-to-the-minute traffic information.

Getting from point A to point B quickly is not enough; safety must also be taken into consideration. Providing speed limit and dangerous area alerts is one of the top priorities of Vietnamese Map S2. The fact that your navigation app is as concerned about your safety as you are is comforting, isn't it?

With Vietmap S2 Latest version, Vietnamese drivers can customize their maps to meet their individual needs. Because of heavy traffic and complex road systems, driving in Vietnam can be challenging. These challenges become manageable when you have Vietmap S2.

  • Specially designed for cars
  • Traffic data for the entire country
  • Intuitive Interface With Vivid Colors

Features of Vietmap S2 APK

Navigation without the internet while offline

A GPS-based navigation application optimizing travel routes with route-finding algorithms.

Specialized data For Vietnamese drivers

In addition to collecting and updating speed limit data, signage, and fine cameras throughout the country, VIETMAP maintains a comprehensive national system of speed limit signage and traffic infrastructure signs.

Graphics with an intuitive UI

Maps in 3D fashion, detailed colors with a modern design language, as well as the ability to customize completely provide an unparalleled navigation experience.

Search smart, act quickly

In just one simple operation, Vietmap S2 APK For Android is able to display and customize all relevant route search results according to the requirements of each user.

Easily find all uses

  • Using keywords, you can search for destinations using the smart search bar.

Enter the street name based on the first letter of the street name

  • It supports abbreviating street names and is simple to use.

A detailed address search is available

  • Vietnamese drivers will benefit from detailed house number data.

Navigates using voice commands

  • VIETMAP Assistant features voice commands for finding addresses quickly.

A diverse routing algorithm - an optimal algorithm

With a GPS global positioning system and efficient route-finding algorithms, the application optimizes travel routes with many options for every journey.

Personalized based on device type and use

A variety of customization options on VIETMAP S2 allows the user to enhance the navigation experience by making changes to the image interface, navigation voice sound, and warning distance to suit their preferences.


Vietmap S2 APK illustrates how technology can ease our lives and make us safer. With this navigation app, you'll be able to navigate the roads with confidence, because it's more than just an app; it's a driving companion that understands the needs of your driving style.

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