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1.3.1 for Android
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Mar 02, 2023
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4.4 and up
Role Playing
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Among its features are monster breeding, action RPG gameplay, and the opportunity to get involved in a mysterious island of Fort Lemuria inhabited by strange creatures called Monsters. A powerful guardian once guarded the island, Volzerk, but he was slain by Magna and disappeared. Now, ten years later, it seems that the monsters will not survive without Volzerk's protection. As close to the monsters as she can get is Fina's goal and her desire to reunite with Volzerk APK.

By mixing and matching monsters with different riders, players can master different skills and bring down powerful opponents with different weapon types. In addition to raising monsters, they can also impart different abilities to them using a deep monster breeding system. A monster created by crossbreeding its parents with its friends can inherit its parents' abilities, and it can even crossbreed with the monsters of its friends. With epic battles and an extensive world to explore, the game features a colorful cast of characters.


In the remotest corners of Earth, a strange place called Lemria Fortress emerged unexpectedly. The island is surrounded by harsh seas, deep in the heart of the ocean. Since Lemria is submerged, it is the only place in the world that still maintains a rich nature, with countless hidden ruins and countless monsters. Thus, it is called the World of Midearth Monsters.

The existence of the island and the entities living here were immediately attracted to humanity when they were accidentally discovered. There is a group of humans sent to that strange island as part of a research project. In order to gain an understanding of the island, the research team hopes to engage in as many interactions with the monsters as possible.

I am happy with everything that happened. It happened one day that Beast Magna and the Guardian of Volzerk Island fought a terrible battle. As if they hadn't existed, they both vanished together.

It is ten years later when the story continues.

Volzark is gone, and the island is strangely deserted as a result of the noise of the last battle. It almost never appears in any texts or is spoken about by anyone anymore. In the absence of any information about the old monster fortress, everyone who knew about it had almost vanished.

The survey team has discovered Lemria at the moment. Only Fina, who witnessed Volzerk's disappearance, led the survey team. In a strange way, a strange feeling stirred within her, she had faith that Volzark could be brought back. This is where the player begins his or her journey as Fina.

Discover a world filled with hidden treasures

One of the first impressions players get when playing MONSTER UNIVERSE is the expansive world they have to explore as they fight against the forces of darkness. Players are required to utilize their characters' combined talents along with the mounts they ride effectively in this game. The benefits of each type of weapon can be utilized in those situations so that you can defeat powerful adversaries by switching between them when necessary. In addition, you have to improve the performance of the monsters in combat.

Together with your trusted monsters, fight

Be prepared to fight monsters with monsters to the utmost extent possible. Playable characters can give monsters new abilities, and you can guide their progression based on your preferences to make them more powerful. A new monster can also be created by mating two monsters that have characteristics similar to those of their parents. Once you've created your monsters, you can combine or breed them to suit your play style and meet the challenges you'll face from formidable opponents. In addition to mating with your friends' monsters, you can also wipe out each monster individually, then expand the powers of those monsters.

Participate in numerous activities at events

Volzerk APK provides players with endless opportunities to progress through the game, with tons of action and hilarious situations. Players will always be able to take part in a variety of events, which will give them more actions and rewards to encourage them to play more. In addition to advancing their monsters, players will also be able to compete with one another. There are also daily challenges that are entertaining and can be used to farm certain materials for the monsters, aside from the events.

There are endless possibilities in MONSTER UNIVERSE, allowing players to enjoy an endless amount of entertainment. In addition, the game features a variety of multiplayer activities, plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, as well as thrilling boss fights.

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