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Roitman Apps
16.0 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 09, 2023
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6.0 and up
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Many people frequently feel the need to be able to swiftly and simply track the whereabouts of a device. Have you ever wanted to find out where a family member is or lost your cell phone? For those in need of a reliable location tracking tool, the Waloc program is available. This app's sophisticated features make it simple to send WhatsApp messages with your present location.

The App sets itself apart from the countless monitoring applications out there by automatically responding to WhatsApp messages with its current GPS location. Installing this program on the gadget you wish to monitor—a laptop, smartphone, or even an automobile with an integrated Android operating system—is possible. Let's examine the benefits and features that the application has to offer.

About Waloc APK

This is an Android app that, when receiving a pre-defined WhatsApp message, responds automatically with your most recent GPS location over WhatsApp. The target device that you wish to locate must have the app installed.

Upon receiving the pre-programmed WhatsApp message, Waloc uses WhatsApp to send back a location URL that displays the device's location on Google Maps. Together with the position, it may also get the battery life and strength of the network signal on the device. It is possible to customize this functionality.

Features of Waloc APK Latest Version

Track the location of your family

Do you wish to follow the whereabouts of a family member? Waloc enables every member of the family to download the app, set up a personalized message, and set up a WhatsApp reply that includes their present location. You can simply locate them and make sure they're secure.

Mobile Phone Location Tracker

This App can be a very helpful tool if you want to find your phone or if you have lost it. You can send personalized messages to the misplaced phone and use WhatsApp to find its current location by downloading this software on a different smartphone that is connected to the messaging service. You can easily track and swiftly retrieve your phone thanks to this.

Vehicle Tracker

You can install Waloc in your automobile if it has an Android system. Once the trigger message is configured, the application will reply to the message by relaying the user's current position using WhatsApp. This comes in handy if you want to keep an eye on the whereabouts of your vehicle or if it is stolen or lost.

Automatic Location with WhatsApp

The app's ability to automatically reply with a location to specific WhatsApp messages you set is one of its many great features. You don't have to waste time asking them to give you their location or searching for it yourself. It will complete everything fast and effectively.

Details on Batteries and Network Signals

This App can transmit data regarding the quality of the network signal and the battery level of the device in addition to the current location. This feature helps keep an eye on a missing device's battery life or assess the network signal in your immediate vicinity.

Battery Friendly

The Waloc application was created with consideration for the battery life of the device. You don't have to be concerned that using this app may cause the battery on your device to discharge rapidly. It operates effectively without depleting the device's battery life.

Privacy and security are maintained

It creators prioritize the security and privacy of their users. User data is not collected or stored by this application. WhatsApp uses an encrypted connection to send the location. The developers do not have access to the data supplied through this application, nor will it be forwarded to servers operated by other parties.

Waloc App How to Use

  • Set up Waloc on the intended gadget.
  • Launch the app, then add a message trigger.
  • Use WhatsApp to send that message trigger to the intended handset.
  • Get the address back in response.

User data is not gathered or stored by the app. It supports openness, security, and privacy. WhatsApp uses encrypted connections to safely transfer locations. Third-party apps are unable to access the data, and no data is transmitted to Waloc's servers.

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