Weapon Craft Run APK

Weapon Craft Run APK 0.8.1 Download for Android

App By:
Rollic Games
0.8.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 02, 2023
138 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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With elements of endless runners, shooters, and racing games, Weapon Craft Run APK is a must-have mobile game. To defeat enemies and avoid obstacles, you will need to transform into an object on the run while collecting items and ammo. 


There is a lot of simple gameplay that is challenging at the same time. Besides urban ruins and dense jungles, players will also experience desert storms infested wilderness in a variety of dangerous levels. A variety of obstacles and doors must be overcome at each level, such as high walls, steel doors, wooden stakes, etc. The player will be unable to proceed forward because of these obstacles.

Shooting weapons is the only way players can destroy these obstacles and doors. Guns, rifles, rocket launchers, etc., are among the weapons available to players in the game. There are different attack modes and characteristics associated with each weapon. Defeating enemies and collecting treasure chests will reward players with new weapons, and they can select the right weapon based on their preferences and tactical needs.

Variety of Weapons

A weapon is not just a shooting tool; it can be improved and evolved as well. Weapon Craft Run APK allows players to collect chargers and upgrade their weapons by gaining experience points. As a result of upgrades, weapons can be upgraded to increase their effectiveness, power, rate of fire, ammunition capacity, and other attributes.

Chargers can be used to improve weapons, allowing them to become more powerful and diverse. Depending on the characteristics of the enemies and obstacles, weapons can evolve to improve their appearance, special skills, and ammunition type.

Using weapons and the environment cleverly is crucial for finding and collecting chargers in the game. To get the chargers, players must use their environment and weapons intelligently while protecting themselves in battle.

Become stronger together by unlocking weapons and equipment, finding resources, and exploring the panoramic battlefield! RPG projectile explosions, accurate shooting, and fast reflexes will help you kill enemy soldiers and loot their resources as you use submachine guns to destroy bad guys, armored vehicles, helicopters, and war robots. The opponent can be defeated by walking into each place, collecting weapons from some places, and using them to defeat him.

Equipping yourself

Your character's weapons and costumes can be customized and upgraded with new equipment in Weapon Craft Run APK. A variety of guns and accessories are available for purchase in the shop, including scythes, prisms, barrels, and ammo counters. It is possible to use each weapon in a variety of different situations depending on its unique characteristics. A gun with more power can shoot down stronger enemies, while a weapon with a slower firing rate can deal with more enemies at once.

Gold and currency can be obtained from in-game activities and quests and used for shopping and upgrading weapons and costumes. Gold and currency can also be purchased through in-app purchases or in-game transactions in order to purchase premium items.


A colorful and dangerous world is made real by the game's 3D graphics and vivid sound effects. Its diversity and beauty, as well as its high number of weapons, make the gameplay simple, but not monotonous. It gives you the feeling of never-ending exploration and challenge, as each level has a challenge and a condition to complete.

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