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Widget Lab APK 1.13.3 Download for Android

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1.13.3 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 14, 2023
39 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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The best entertainment and fun moments await you with Widget Lab. Different widgets are collected in this application. 

With Widget Lab, you can combine many widgets into one application. As well as providing you with different widgets to help you gather and collect information from different areas, Widget Lab allows you to customize and design your home screen based on your preferences.

Using the System Information Widget, you can check the RAM, battery, system version, and other information on your phone. In the home page, you can find Daily Poems Widget to enjoy the beauty of literature for over 5000 years Countdown Widget to remember important dates Slack Off Widget to improve your waiting time for descending

With Widget Lab, you can create something on your phone's screen or play music or audio files. The shape and face can be controlled as you desire and the image can be changed according to your desires. Each simple modification gives you very interesting needs with this excellent application.

Beautiful wallpapers, stylish charging animations, and numerous aesthetic widgets.

Adding widgets, wallpapers, and charging animations to your home screen is incredibly easy and only takes a few seconds.

System Info Widget

  • You can check the status of your phone in Home, which includes RAM, battery, system version, etc.

This widget displays Poems of the Day

  • A journey across 5000 years of literature to experience its beauty.

We have a countdown widget

  • Dates that are important should be remembered.

With the Slack Off widget, you can

  • Waiting to get off should be a happier experience.

This application is happy to make a face for the home screen, which is customizable and can be changed as you want by setting your own background images. It is also possible to play audio files and music from this face, as well as adjust the volume, start and stop audio files, progress, delays, open, close, and anything else you want with the settings, and you can customize the application on your phone's main interface to do whatever you want.

It can be used to countdown during your menstrual cycle, and through the settings, you can tailor it to your needs by adding a button. It is an application you can use during your period, so it is not necessarily the last.

Using the settings, you can customize the countdown with just one click, and run it through the app. Your phone needs to be able to run the application, which is created under a new extension.

A widget called “Bar Graph” is a project widget that displays measurement history in the form of a bar graph. When the dashboard is displayed, you can change the time period in the widget or directly on the dashboard. The measurement value is the value that was displayed the last time the period was analyzed. If you view a full-year history, each bar represents the value that was displayed the last month.

Here are some advantages

  • Divide your screen according to your preferences using this application.
  • An application that is constantly being updated and improved.
  • Change the destination of your phone with this application.
  • There are many tools included in the application.
  • A variety of customization options are available.

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