Lost Life 1.52 Mod APK (Unlimited Heart)

Lost Life 1.52 Mod APK (Unlimited Heart) 1.52 Descargar para Android

Aplicación por:
Shikstoo Games
1.52 para Android
Actualizado en:
dic. 11, 2023
163 MB
Android requerido:
5.0 and up
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Action-adventure game Lost Life puts players on an exciting trip through a mysterious world full of obstacles and puzzles. Because of its compelling plot and engrossing gameplay, the game has acquired a devoted following. The captivating plot of this game will keep you engrossed for hours. There are many different riddles and large areas to explore in the gameplay of School Girl Riddles: Lost Life.

About Lost Life 1.52 Mod APK

The game recommends that players explore uncharted territory in search of lost riches, puzzle solutions, and unusual animals. Some of the most satisfying parts of the game are the excitement of discovery and the joy of discovering secrets. This game also gives you a spooky sense because it's full of bizarre happenings that happen based on your decisions. The naive schoolgirl seemed to be fearful of what was ahead. Thus, you must maintain your character's happiness and cheerfulness.

With gorgeous visuals and meticulous attention to detail in every area of the game, Lost Life is a visual feast for the eyes. You can work with a friend to tackle the game's chapters and other puzzles. From the initial level to the adult level, the difficulty will rise. With its breathtaking 3D animated graphics, this game will give you a realistic perspective on the game.


In Lost Life Mod APK Android, you discover yourself in a hazardous and mutant-infested wasteland. Your main goal is to live and find the mysteries within this desolate environment. The survival aspects of the game add to its overall immersive quality. Its vast character customization is called Lost Life. You have total control over your character, including how they look and what skills and attributes they have. This degree of personalization guarantees that each player's experience is distinct.

There are several different tasks and objectives for players to complete in Lost Life. Every job you complete feels essential to the plot, whether you're decoding old texts, fighting mythological creatures, or solving complex riddles. There is never a chance of boredom because to the dynamic quest structure. Players encounter a wide variety of enemies in Lost Life, each with unique skills and weaknesses. The strategy and skill needed to defeat these opponents give the game an exciting and unpredictable quality.

Features of Lost Life Mod APK Download Latest Version

Unique Storyline

This game has an incredible storyline that offers something new at every turn. The primary objective of this game is to bring happiness and gladness to the character. The game's wide-ranging terrain will keep you interested for many hours.

Various Puzzle 

The tasks, quizzes, and riddles in the Lost Life 1.52 Mod APK are different. From the initial level to the upper level, the challenge will rise. Don't worry if you need your companion's assistance to tackle the problem.

Simple gameplay

You just need to touch the screen anywhere on the screen to interact with the game's buttons; there are no buttons to clutter it. The gameplay is simple: your goal is to cheer up and make the girl happy.

Magnificent images

With the lively 3D graphics in the game, you won't get tired easily. You will not get anywhere with the realistic experience this game offers. This game only has music; there are no images or videos. You'll feel even more at ease and content thanks to the melody's gentle sound.


There is action and tranquility for you to experience in this game. This game is broken up into several chapters, each of which is distinct from the others. The chapters will occupy your companion for hours and provide you with a great deal of thrill.


The history of survival is the basis for this game. This game gives you a house to

Stay where you must to protect yourself from the intruders. Utilize various strategies to survive till the very end.

Mod Features of Lost Life 1.52 Mod APK

Unlimited Hearts/Lives:

Since the game appears to include survival themes, granting infinite health or lives could be a popular mod to facilitate gameplay.

All Chapters Unlocked:

There are various chapters in the game, according to the text. To obtain the entire content, a mod could unlock every chapter.

No Ads:

Ads can upset the flow and atmosphere of a text. Ads removed enhance the user experience.

Infinite Resources:

If the game has an in-game economy, having limitless resources like cash or gems can make advancement simpler.

God Mode:

makes the player unstoppable against obstacles, opponents, and other gaming dangers for simple navigation.

Max Stats Cheat:

could become overpowering by maxing out character stats like attack, defense, etc.

Companion Mods:

Due to the companion aspect, there are mods centered upon unlocking all companions and maximizing companion stats.


There are elements of terror, excitement, action, and even calm in the Lost Life Mod APK Unlimited Heart Latest Version. Explore the realm of entertainment; you can quickly get over your loneliness. Play the game and have a romantic discussion with your partner from anywhere in the world to make every moment full of wonderful imagination. 

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