Yape Fake APK

Yape Fake APK 1.0 Descargar para Android

Aplicación por:
1.0 para Android
Actualizado en:
sep. 21, 2023
22.4 MB
Android requerido:
5.0 and up
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Yape Fake APK was created for learning and recreational purposes, to discover a vulnerability in Yape that requires the QR code to include the name.

Always verify transactions involving QR Codes if you receive payments through them.

It's an entertainment app that looks like Yape but is a rip-off. The site allows you to create fake invoices, transfers, and more.


While Yape Fake seems tempting for pranks, it is extremely important to use the app carefully. Jokes that are harmless should be distinguished from those that are deceptive and may cause harm. 

Features of Yape Fake APK

By using this app, you can create fake bank transfer receipts. If you show your friend a receipt, he will think you sent money, even though you haven't. A prank like that is fun, isn't it? Additionally, there are more benefits. In the app, you'll find the following cool features:

Making a fake transfer

It's possible to create fake bank transfer receipts using the Yape Fake app. You can easily edit bank transfer receipts so that they look original. In addition to selecting the bank and entering the amount, individuals can input the date, time, and amount of the transfer using the app.

Capturing screenshots

Users can take screenshots and create fake transfer receipts with this app. This feature allows users to share fake receipts with others. Screenshots can be taken and stored on the app for sharing or stored on the device.

An entertainment perspective

Make your friends and family believe that you're rich by using the Yape Fake app Using personalized information, such as the sender's name and the receiver's name, as well as the date and time, users can create a fake money transfer receipt.

Fill out the necessary details in the app's user-friendly interface and users can generate fake transfer receipts in a few clicks. Furthermore, the fake receipt can be customized with various fonts and layouts.

How to Use

This app's usage can be summarized as follows:

Getting the download: 

Yape Fake APK latest version can be downloaded from the download link provided. Trusted sources should always be used when downloading apps. First and foremost, safety must be prioritized!

Getting started: 

You can open it once it has been installed. An easy-to-use interface greets you. 

Fake transfer creation: 

'Create Transfer' will enable you to make a transfer. Please fill in the details, including the bank name, the amount, and the date. You're done! Your fake transfer has been prepared.

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