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Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures Download 1.0 डाउनलोड एंड्रॉयड के लिए

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Devsisters Corporation
1.0 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
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नवम्बर 21, 2023
88 MB
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7.0 and up
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Come journey with the Cookies to the magical Pancake Tower and discover the story of their adventures! The GingerBraves and friends have gathered to discover what's lurking inside...! As you explore the beautiful areas of the tower with your friends and challenge action-packed boss fights in real-time, you will experience the first ever 3D CookieRun game"

About Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures APK

It will include 3-D graphics, and action combat gameplay, and will also be free-to-play with microtransactions. Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures is the first Cookie Run game to feature 3-D graphics.

This game takes place in a mysterious tower where the cookies must battle the darkness within to save their lives. A brave adventure of discovery awaits the cookies as GingerBrave leads them to the Giant Oven in the Peaceful Pancake Tower. The universe of CookieRun is given a new perspective by it.


To fully grasp the victory of the game, players must defeat all bosses and conquer the entire gingerbread tower.

In addition to engaging in battles and challenging bosses, players can form teams with other players.

Players need to collect different cookies in order to improve their strength in the game. Different cookies have different abilities.

Each cookie in the game has its own abilities, and there are different types of cookies. Different cookies can be used by players depending on their preferences.

The game enhances its social and interactive aspects by allowing players to form teams and engage in battles.

Players are able to enter the game more easily because all characters in the game are original and unique.

Embark on an adventure together

Defeat darkness by exploring the mysterious tower together. In real-time battles, you can face giant bosses. Take part in this brave mission with GingerBrave and discover hidden secrets!

Conquer the Tower

As a player progresses through the gingerbread tower, he or she must defeat boss layers in order to reach the top. You can strengthen your party by collecting special cookies with different powers.

Action-Packed Gameplay

Fights can be conducted at a fast pace thanks to simple controls. Throughout each level, you will have to overcome monsters and traps. For a boss fight to be dramatic, he or she needs to use a unique battle strategy.

Making friends and going on adventures

Organize teams to fight battles and collaborate on challenges. You can solve puzzles together with your friends by using the co-op and multiplayer modes.

A Whole New World

Tower of Adventures brings the CookieRun universe to life with the first 3D graphics in the franchise. By modeling the environment in three dimensions, the user is immersed in an immersive experience.

Game Modes

In addition to a story mode and a multiplayer co-op mode, the game has an adventure mode as well. Solving challenges together can be a great experience for friends.

Visuals & Controls 

A new 3D modeling technique is used to enhance the visuals in the gaming world. Despite the simple controls, the game allows for fast-paced fighting action. On-screen skill buttons and top-down views are used by players.

Bosses and levels

Monsters and traps can be found in different areas on each level. The powers of dramatic bosses can be defeated with unique strategies.


The cookies come in a variety of shapes, colors, and abilities that will help you fight the monsters strategically.

Game highlights:

3D Modeling

Players will experience a more three-dimensional gaming world in CookieRunTower of Adventures because it uses 3D modeling for the first time.

Actions that move quickly

A simple control scheme lets players enjoy fast-paced combat, allowing them to fully experience the excitement of battle.

PvE-based content of various types

Various PvE content is available in the game, including boss battles on each layer of the gingerbread tower, battle missions outside the tower, and multiplayer cooperative challenges, which enrich the game's gameplay and playability.

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