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दिसम्बर 12, 2023
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In the simulation game Movie Business 2, users assume the role of a film producer. The objective is to oversee all facets of film production to produce profitable motion pictures. Gamers can choose the advertising, director, studio, cast, and other details that will affect the finished output. There are various game types for 1–15 players, including challenges, career, and party mode.


Players in Movie Business 2 handle relationships with creators and their addicts, plan interviews and press events, scout talent, throw premiere parties, and respond to happenings while filming. Following their premiere, critics evaluate the movies, which go on to win up to ten different categories at six different film festivals. There are 31 objectives to complete and more than 500 actual creators to choose from.

Features of Movie Business 2 APK

Casting and Creators: 

There are more than 5,500 real-life creators who can be cast. With them, you can develop chemistry and relationships that will influence the success of your projects.


When creating your films, there are more than 23 primary genres and 150 subgenres to pick from. Consider the strengths of your cast.

Modes of Play: 

There are 31 distinct pre-established challenges in the challenges mode. You can watch several movies in career mode throughout time. Party mode is excellent for multiplayer gaming.

Investing and Unlocking:

Earned money can be used to purchase artwork, studio equipment, casting supplies, and more. This opens up new features and advantages.

Descriptive reviews: 

Using information about the actors, directors, events, and choices you made, the game generates descriptive reviews of your movie procedurally.

Analysis & Statistics:

There are tools for thorough stat tracking and analysis to assist in making the next movies better. Examine other people's movies and compare them to yours.

Tips to play

Connections Are Important: 

Develop a good rapport and chemistry with your cast. Content filmmakers produce superior films.

Respond to Occurrences:  

Make wise choices to minimize problems when unplanned things arise on the set while filming.

Hear the Reviews: 

After the release, carefully read the in-depth evaluations to find out what worked and what didn't.

Use Your Money Savvily:

When investing money to buy marketing or art or to improve your skills, choose your investments carefully.

Examine the Statistics:

To identify opportunities, problems, and strengths, use the comprehensive stat tracking provided by the movie.

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