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Zeedz App APK 1.0 डाउनलोड एंड्रॉयड के लिए

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Zeedz GmbH
1.0 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
संशोधित किया गया:
अक्तूबर 17, 2023
472 MB
आवश्यक एंड्रॉइड:
7.0 and up
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Zeedz APK is more than just another mobile game; it's an adventure with a purpose. It's a chance to do something useful in the battle against climate change while also having a great time. Zeedles are cute, virtual animals that are the center of attention in this universe. In your journey to defeat the Evil Lord CO the Second, you are free to gather and care for any of the more than 130 mystical plant creatures. Acquire knowledge, develop personally, and actively address climate change issues in the real world.

The Backstory

In an exciting video presentation, you'll learn the fascinating story of Zeedz App, the dangerous Evil Lord CO the 2nd, and the heroic Zeedles who fight to protect our world.

Make a Zeed Choice

Each of the three Zeedz available at the beginning of your journey represents an early developmental stage of the Zeedles. Pick from Sunny, Rainy, or Windy, each having its own set of weather-related likes and skills. Choose the Zeed that speaks to you intuitively.

Get Some Zeedles, and Make Some Grow

The goal of your adventure is to amass a collection of Zeedles and help them flourish into their full potential. Trading them on the Zeedz Marketplace is where all the action is, although it's not required. Learn about the many Zeedles and what makes them special.

Combat the Second Evil Overlord

Gather a Zeedle squad of Tanks, Healers, Buffers, and more to defend Earth against the evil Lord CO the Second and his army of monstrous thugs in epic fights. You have the keys to the future of humanity.

Study Climate Change and Fight It in the Real World

Zeedz App APK uses game mechanics to tackle pressing environmental issues. Our combined efforts will have a profound effect. Find out more about what we're trying to accomplish and how you can join our community in taking on climate change straight on.

Garden of Wonder and Companionship

Your Zeedz and Zeedles reside in your very own Magic Garden. You, as the owner, are responsible for ensuring their health and happiness at all times. Petting them on a regular basis will help you achieve this goal. Each light touch strengthens your bond with one another, and may even earn you rewards. Aim for a 100 on the friendship scale to show how close you are to your Zeed. For as many days in a row, as you pet them, they'll become happy and better at the game.

The World of Games with a Real-World Impact on Climate Change

Zeedz is dedicated to fighting climate change from several angles:

Awareness and Learning

Zeedz App encourages a deep connection to the actual world via awareness and learning by including real-time weather and extreme weather phenomena in the game. The more you know about Earth and its weather patterns, the more valuable the in-game things you may obtain.

Funding Green Projects

Ten percent of our company's revenues and fifty percent of Marketplace's income go toward funding green initiatives across the world. To have a beneficial effect on the environment, we collaborate closely with The Gold Standard, our official sustainability partner.


Zeedz APK Latest version is more than simply a game; it's also a way to contribute to the fight against climate change. Have fun as you study and save the globe at the same time by supporting global green projects. It's a one-of-a-kind journey that's both entertaining and important, all in the form of a game.

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