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1.0.1 untuk Android
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Sep 23, 2023
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7.0 and up
Role Playing
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Atelier Resleriana is an extraordinary mobile RPG that combines immersive storytelling and captivating gameplay. As you explore the magical world of Lantana, an enigmatic alchemical art, and the blessings of the stars that once dominated the kingdom, you are taken on an epic journey.


The mystical power of alchemy was once harnessed by the illustrious kingdom of Lantana to bring prosperity to its inhabitants. Alchemists were revered for their mastery of this extraordinary craft. Alchemy faded from memory as the broom star disappeared, as did the blessings.

A quiet corner of Lantana became the meeting place of two young girls as time passed. As an aspiring alchemist, Lesna headed toward the royal capital and the "end of the continent" in order to rediscover the dormant miracles of alchemy. On the other hand, Valeria, who was living in darkness and suffering from amnesia, worked as an adventurer for the mysterious Moon Shadow Society.

As the destinies of Lesna and Valeria intertwine, they inch closer to uncovering the hidden truths that lie beneath the ice, hiding behind these tales.

An epic journey and a new protagonist

With the introduction of a new protagonist, Atelier Resleriana APK opens up to a new adventure. As you embark on a captivating journey to rediscover the lost art of alchemy, you will experience an epic adventure story for the first time in four years. The characters leading this extraordinary quest will enchant you with their charm.

Graphics and characters in high-resolution

The visual quality of Atelier Resleriana is uncompromising. This game portrays characters in stunning 3D graphics, using technology from the acclaimed "Atelier" series. With cutting-edge graphics, the game sets the stage for a cinematic story woven with utmost care and detail. The graphics are on par with those found in the latest home video games.

Battle systems based on dynamic timelines

A timeline-based battle system is used to introduce simple yet strategic command battles in the game. Players are kept engaged and entertained by flashy skill performances during these battles. You can take advantage of a variety of "effect panels" as you progress through your adventure, adding a layer of depth to your battle strategy.

A Creativity Mixing System You Can Use

With Atelier Resleriana APK, the "compounding" system, a trademark of the series, has been optimized for ease of use and enjoyment. Using your unique characteristics and the properties of the materials at hand, combine the unique characteristics of characters participating in the synthesis process to discover your own optimal solutions. Your alchemical journey will be aided by the powerful items you craft.

Embark on an adventure to strengthen your character

All characters can be "promoted" using the game's character-strengthening system. It includes the use of synthesized items and equipment, as well as "glow boards" that enhance character attributes. Take your ultimate party on an adventure centered around the enigmatic world of alchemy and fortify them with the best characters you can find. The immersive storytelling experience and engaging gameplay of Atelier Resleriana promise a rich and engaging gaming experience.

Advantages of Atelier Resleriana APK

  • Takahiro's manga, games, and anime contributions are known for their rich and immersive storytelling.
  • Character designs and 3D graphics of the highest quality.
  • Battles take place on a timeline, allowing for an exciting combat experience.
  • A simple way to compound and synthesize chemicals.
  • You can combine a wide variety of materials and characters to create endless combinations.
  • Atelier Ryza's sequel is both enticing and entertaining.


There is a magical world of alchemy, adventures, and mystery that awaits you in Atelier Resleriana APK. It offers an engaging gameplay experience that fans of the Atelier series and RPG enthusiasts can appreciate thanks to its captivating storyline, high-quality graphics, and engaging gameplay mechanics. Learn the art of alchemy in this unforgettable mobile RPG adventure set in the magical world of Lantana.

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