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Indus App Store APK 1.0 Unduh untuk Android

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1.0 untuk Android
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Sep 25, 2023
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5.0 and up
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We have a huge opportunity to build a new-age, localized Android app store in India by 2026, as we are expected to have over a billion smartphone users. The largest consumer market in the world has always been forced to let developers distribute their apps only through one app store - Google Playstore. 

Featuring a more localized approach and better app discovery and consumer engagement, Indus Appstore is designed to provide app developers with an alternative to the Google Play store. Our team at Indus Appstore is pleased to announce the launch of the developer platform today, and we are inviting all developers to list their apps on the Made-in-India app store.

About Indus App Store APK

A mobile app store has been launched by PhonePe for developers. The company will cater to Indian users with localized services.

Developers who wish to upload apps to the platform can register and register. Indian audiences will be able to access these apps via the soon-to-launch 'Made-in-India' app store, Indus Appstore.

Initially, the company has offered free app listing, but after the first year, there will be a nominal annual fee.

There will be no platform fees or commissions charged by the Indus Appstore for in-app payments. According to PhonePe in its statement, developers can integrate any payment gateway into their apps.

A new distribution channel will enable Indian Android developers to reach the Indian market through the Indus App Store APK. In addition, it helps them acquire high-quality users through the discovery of multilingual apps.

The launch pad will also provide better visibility and search optimization for start-ups and new apps.

Developers will have access to a variety of developer tools and features to address the challenges they face. These tools include an Indian customer support team available round the clock, the ability to list their app in 12 Indian languages other than English, and engaging videos for boosting brand awareness.

What makes Indus Appstore unique:

  • With many consumers not even having an email account, mobile number-based login is extremely helpful.
  • Paying in-app requires no commission
  • The first year of listing is free
  • With a dedicated account manager to handle developer queries, an India-based support team is available via email or chat bot
  • Developers can roll out newer app versions based on relevant cohorts through cohort-based targeted release management 
  • App vitals monitored in real-time by AI during the launch of a new version
  • Analyzing real-time analytics, analyzing competitor practices, and understanding industry trends
  • App updates that are intelligent and faster, so users can update to the new version much more quickly

Identifying local languages

Embracing Indian languages is essential if you want your product to reach every Indian user on the market. A good strategy would be to list your app in 12 different Indian languages, including English. For a more inclusive user experience, you might also consider uploading media and videos in these Indian languages.


A launchpad can help your app rank higher on search platforms. The video slots feature gives your app more exposure on video slots. Additionally, you can hire experts to translate your app so that it is accessible worldwide.

Video-based app discovery

Market your app today by exploring new avenues in today's digital landscape. You can gain user interest and build awareness by using rich media and short-form videos. It's possible to change the way apps are discovered with this video-led approach.

Advertising with a specific audience

Targeted advertising is crucial for growing your brand and reaching millions of potential customers. Ads in Indian languages, specifically tailored to a relevant audience, can have a powerful impact. Rich media ads are a great way to capture your audience's attention.

24x7 Local Support Team

In order to satisfy users, excellent customer service is essential. We provide users with local support 24x7 so that they can get answers to their questions quickly. Your users will trust and be loyal to you if you take a developer-friendly and transparent approach.

Manage targeted releases

Custom cohorts enable you to tailor the roll-out of your app. It allows you to control app releases better by testing features with a specific audience. Launching smoothly and successfully can be improved with this targeted release management strategy.

A real-time update

By optimizing updates based on device parameters, new features can be integrated quickly and adoption rates can increase. With constant updates, your users will always be up-to-date, which enhances their experience and engagement.

Deep insights & actionable insights

Your app's performance can be tracked in real time by tracking installs and uninstalls. In order to adapt and improve, you need to monitor critical metrics and gain actionable insight. A transparent ranking system and examining competitor trends can further refine your app's strategy.

You can publish Your App in 5 Easy Steps

  • Verify developer details and create an account
  • Add 12 Indian languages to your app listing
  • You must upload your app's APK/AAB file
  • Make your content rich by uploading videos
  • Verification and launch of the app

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