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2.70.0 untuk Android
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Sep 25, 2023
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With the Lapse - Disposable Camera App, your phone becomes a disposable camera for taking pictures. Using Party Mode, you can capture photos with your friends and keep them as private Memories. There is a sense of anticipation as the snaps do not reveal themselves until later in the day.

Snapshots can be shared to your Friend's feed once they are developed, so you can follow the week as it unfolds. Aside from creating albums, you can also upload your favorite snaps. A unique and refreshing option in the world of social media apps, Journal is offered by Lapse and is for Friends, not Followers.

With Lapse - Disposable Camera, you can capture memories with your friends and family in a fun and creative way. The User-friendly interface and nostalgia-inducing disposable camera concept add to the appeal of the app. Take photos of your memories and share them in a new and exciting way with Lapse.

  • Take disposable photos with your phone
  • Until later that day, snaps are a mystery
  • Let your friends see your week unfold by sharing your snaps
  • Your profile automatically creates your monthly photo dump
  • Organize your favorite photos into albums

You can apply for access to the app in the app for photographers, journalists, and the creative community. If you would like to join the waitlist, please reserve your username in the app first.

Using social media every day has become a part of our daily routine. We tend to see other people's happiness as a benchmark for our own in a world that is so interconnected.

We compete with friends for followers and curate our lives for likes on social media giants. It's been so much fun playing that game, we've forgotten why we signed up.

Film hits different

As you were unable to review your photos after you took them, it made it more about enjoying the moment rather than showing it off. It helped to relive those memories by seeing your photos all together for the first time. I was able to take beautiful photos even as the worst photographer (me) because of that retro film look.

Modern photography lacks all these features.

As a result, our team has worked tirelessly to recreate that magic in a way that friends can enjoy together, without the economic, logistical, and environmental costs by working as product obsessives, professional photographers, software engineers, and serial entrepreneurs.

How Lapse - Disposable Camera App works

Get in touch with your close friends by starting a private group chat. Unlike normal chats, the chat has two key differences:

Every chat group has a "roll" of 36 images that can be snapped by anyone

It is not possible to see the photos until 24 hours after taking the first one

An animated montage called a Lapse is dropped into the chat at this point to display the "roll." Unlike picking up your photos from the processing lab, everyone can relive the memories of their photos. Within the app, you can save, export, and react to photographs, as well as comment on them.

Using the latest computational imaging technology, we process photos 'in app' using a proprietary film processing engine developed and tested with over 30 professional film photographers from around the world.

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