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Pontem Wallet APK 1.1.9 Unduh untuk Android

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Pontem Network
1.1.9 untuk Android
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Agu 16, 2023
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5.0 and up
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In partnership with Aptos and Move, Pontem Network has built a blockchain studio. The Aptos Foundation team and ours work closely together.

With Pontem Wallet APK, you will be able to store crypto assets on the Aptos blockchain using Web3. Developed by Pontem Network, the team behind Liquidswap DEX on Aptos and Pontem Wallet for Chrome.

Aptos ecosystem is accessible through Pontem Wallet. A wallet that supports NFT marketplace apps natively is one of the most reliable, highest TPS blockchains available.

Store, send, and receive stablecoins & tokens on Aptos, including $APT, USDT, USDC, and more. Fees are very low and confirmation is nearly instant.

Thanks to parallel execution, you can achieve 160k TPS

Transacting within 1 second of full confirmation (sub-second finality)

This smart contract language uses Move, which is very safe

In the ecosystem, there are more than 150 projects


With both volatile and stable pools, a fully-audited default asset list, yield farming, and more, it's the only immutable production-grade AMM DEX on Aptos. 

Try Pontem Wallet on mobile

Tokens and NFTs can be purchased, stored, sent, and swapped on the go.

Using Pontem for your Aptos cryptocurrency wallet has 5 benefits

  • An audit has been conducted in its entirety
  • With a DEX swap built in, this wallet is the best DeFi wallet available
  • What is the best wallet to use with Liquidswap Aptos DEX?
  • Transactions that occur almost instantly
  • There are no fees whatsoever

The crypto wallet can be used to buy NFT

Topaz, the largest NFT marketplace on Aptos, is the first natively integrated wallet with Pontem Wallet APK. With a few taps and you can browse and purchase NFTs.

Transactions that are inexpensive

You will receive your Pontem Wallet transaction almost immediately. Pontem Wallet can send tokens from Aptos at just 0.002 APT, which is a limit of 160k TPS!

Crypto wallet with audited security

As a company, we place an emphasis on security. An audit of Pontem's crypto wallet for Aptos was conducted by OtterSec and Symmetric – two of the best audit firms for smart contracts for Aptos.

Pontem allows you to import your account using the seed phrase of any Aptos wallet, including Martian Wallet, Petra Wallet, Safepal Wallet (SFP), etc. It is important to note that Pontem is not currently available as a Sui wallet.

Our Aptos wallet will be very familiar to MetaMask users who have experience with the Ethereum blockchain.

Pontem Wallet APK was released along with:

  • Having both uncorrelated and stablecoin pools on Liquidswap (the first DEX on Aptos);
  • Incorporated into Aptos for the first time is ByteBabel
  • First Move the browser code editor, Move Code Playground.

Ensure your security

  • Formal verification of smart contracts provider
  • Finality of transactions based on determinism
  • There is no copying or deleting of Move Tokens since they are atomic 'resource' objects 


  • With a finality of less than a second, 160k TPS is benchmarked
  • Designed to scale horizontally and run in parallel
  • Upgradable smart contracts & improved HotStuff consensus

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