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0.12.5 untuk Android
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Sep 16, 2023
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Role Playing
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Do you remember DOFUS or WAKFU from your childhood? Anakama Studios is a company that specializes in tactical RPG games if you've ever played them.

The latest Waven release adds a few additional strategies to spice up the multiplayer tactical gameplay and spice up the strategy. PvE and PvP fans will both enjoy the turn-based gameplay and deckbuilding that Waven offers.

To earn resources and new equipment, you'll fight monsters in PvE, and to rank up and earn stripes, you can challenge others in PvP.

Take on super-strong baddies with co-op play, and sync your PC and mobile progress to take your game on the go.

About Waven APK

You play a seafaring adventurer searching for answers to this great upheaval in a flooded world where only a few islands have survived. During ancient times, dragons and gods ruled the world. It is true that magic is still present today, but what about the mythical beings of days gone by?

Embark on an incredible odyssey as you select your hero and equip your best spells. Discover the secrets of a world adrift as you sail from island to island full of colorful creatures.

The WAVEN roleplaying game experience is the future of roleplaying games. It is accessible, fun, and immersive. Combining adventure and tactical RPG mechanics, deck-building mechanics, and valuable items to collect, it is a combination of turn-based strategy and adventure.

The game features a multitude of burlesque monsters, each of which is increasingly difficult. Play alone or with friends. Take on your enemies in close combat or from a distance, cast powerful spells, summon mythical companions, and take them down for tons of loot!

You can upgrade your hero as you gain experience! Enter the doors of the "Kolossium" to challenge other players and become a legend yourself in a new synchronous mode or defend your "Haven Isle" from attacks by other players!

Revisions to tactical role-playing games

While building on the strategic depth of turn-based combat and deck building, WAVEN is inspired by the combat and progress systems of the best tactical RPGs. What's the outcome? The perfect combination of explosives and joy!

Competition based on turn

Make sure that your deck is prepared before every battle, and use every trick in your arsenal to win! Don't be afraid to express yourself! Character archetypes, spells, equipment, and companions can be combined in virtually any way you want.

You can use any mode you want

With PvE, PvP, and Island Defense modes available, you have the freedom to express yourself! You can win equipment and resources by fighting monsters. Climb up the rankings and defend your island while you're away, or even loot while you're away and compete against other players!

Take on the role of a great hero

Battles, experience, spells, companions, customized decks, and strategic upgrades make this game an action-packed experience.

Graphic-style universe with an original universe

Explore the "Krosmoz", a persistent world that has appeared in video games, animated series, and more for years.

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