Project Moose APK (Gorilla Tag Mod)

Project Moose APK (Gorilla Tag Mod) 1.1.15 Scaricare per Android

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1.1.15 per Android
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dic 18, 2023
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5.1 and up
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Project Moose APK is a hunting game like Gorilla Tag that will improve your moose hunting experience. With a wide variety of moose calls and cutting-edge features, it attempts to assist hunters in accurately imitating moose noises to draw in the majestic creatures and improve hunting success.  

It offers a wide range of noises that mimic particular moose situations and actions. While hunting, hunters can access a variety of calls directly on their mobile devices, from cow mating cries to bull grunts. One can create personalized, incredibly lifelike calling sequences by combining the sounds and adding delays. Hunters may use the software in isolated locations without cellular service because it operates offline.

Learning to Use Moose Calls  

Hunters must first comprehend moose communication patterns to use the Moose Tag Gorilla Tag Mod Download to its full potential. Moose in the wild use many sounds to communicate different messages. Accurately mimicking these vocalizations is essential for attracting moose.  

Dominant bull grunts are used to entice female moose. Cows may communicate their location and presence to bulls by using cow locating calls. Bulls use territorial cries to demarcate boundaries and engage in conflict with rivals. To attract mates, female moose use their estrous screams to indicate their fertility. Distress sounds convey the fragility of moose in perilous circumstances.

Utilizing Moose Tag APK Strategically

  • To learn when specific calls are produced, observe real-world encounters between moose. 
  • Try blending sounds, such as a cow cry and a bull grunt, to evoke realistic situations and attract interest.
  • During the mating season, when moose are more talkative and easier to hunt, time calls strategically. 

Important Features of Project Moose APK

Expanded Call Variety 

For a variety of hunting situations, the Mod version includes even more moose noises, ranging from soft cow moos to powerful bull roars.  

Superior Personalization   

Adjust call parameters like as frequency, duration, and ordering to create incredibly realistic interactions with moose that entice them to investigate the source.

Unique Offline Maps  

You can navigate and track even in isolated locations without internet access thanks to preloaded maps, so you'll never get lost.

Some playing Tips for Beginners

  • To get flawless imitation accuracy, practice calls in advance. 
  • Employ cow locator calls; bulls and cows will respond to them.
  • When you call, sit motionless and face downwind to prevent moose from sensing the presence of a hunter. 
  • To draw in interested moose, exercise patience and make repetitive calls at regular intervals.
  • Examine moose rubs and droppings to determine locations with high activity levels before calling


Moose hunting becomes easier and more thrilling with the Moose Tag Gorilla Tag Mod. Now, any hunter—expert or novice—can simply access real-sounding calls directly on their phone to attract moose and increase success rates. Thus, get the feature-rich app now and get set to win your next award!

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