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Deco My Tree APK 1.0.20 ダウンロード アンドロイド用

1.0.20 アンドロイド用
12 23, 2023
65 MB
5.0 and up
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Deco My Tree APK is a new social app that lets people make virtual Christmas trees, dress them with holiday flair, and send holiday greetings to friends and family. This app was just released in time for Christmas and is meant to spread holiday cheer with its easy-to-use design and many ways to decorate.  

About Deco My Tree APK

This app is based on the idea that people should make their own unique virtual Christmas trees to share online. Once you've given your basic contact information, you can make your digital conifer by choosing from a variety of brightly colored tree designs and fun tree toppers. When you send a link to your unfinished tree to certain family and friends, that's when the real fun starts.

People who have been notified can click the link to go to your tree which is ready to be decorated. Then, they can put virtual gingerbread people, bells, and snowflake ornaments on trees and type holiday-themed notes to go with each one. People can take their time decorating now or come back later to add even more style. Finally, on Christmas morning, people who made the original trees can see them all lit up and read the nice notes that people have left for them. No matter how far away they are, Deco My Tree lets family and friends get together digitally this holiday season.

What you will get with Deco My Tree APK Latest Version

Dashboard for the Top 100 Trees

  • The 100 most-decorated trees in the app are shown in this feature. 
  • People can look through these popular trees made by influencers, celebs, and popular accounts to get ideas for how to decorate their own homes.
  • The patterns, themes, and kinds of trinkets on these trees can help you come up with creative ways to make your own tree unique.

Secret Messages

  • The app lets you send private notes that are connected to certain tree ornaments and can only be seen by the person who made the tree.
  • Only the person who receives these messages can see them, so you can send more private or personal holiday wishes if you want to.
  • It gives you privacy and security away from the open words and decorations that everyone can see.

Easy to Share Link 

  • When you're done making your virtual tree, the app makes a unique link that you can copy and send to family and friends.
  • By pasting this link into messages, emails, social media posts, etc., you can let people you've asked directly access your special tree.  
  • This is a quick and easy way to let people decorate your tree without them having to use usernames, passwords, or download apps.

The Christmas Reveal 

  • The person who decorated the tree won't be able to see it with all of the visitor notes until the "reveal" on December 25th.  
  • When this feature is finally turned on, you'll get more excited about Christmas because your tree will be full of unique gifts from friends and family.
  • It's the same feeling as seeing wrapped gifts under your real Christmas tree before the big reveal.

Some tips for users

Make your tree unique.

Put on ornaments, garlands, tree toppers, and other things that show off your style, hobbies, or cultural traditions. It means more to share when it has a personal touch.

Invite family and close friends 

The people you care about most will be most likely to decorate your tree and leave you sweet messages.  

Deco My Tree Android APK gives people more time during the busy holiday season to get to their tree and decorate it when it works best for them.  

Write deep messages on shared trees

You can show you care by writing true holiday messages on your friends and family's trees as well as decorating them.

Don't show everything until Christmas morning

Waiting until the big day makes seeing the decorated tree with family and friends even more exciting, surprising, and emotional.

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