Lost Words: Beyond the Page APK

Lost Words: Beyond the Page APK 1.0.102 다운로드 Android 용

앱 작성자:
PID Games
1.0.102 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
5 09, 2023
540 MB
필수 안드로이드:
5.1 and up
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Throughout Lost Words, you will discover Izzy's deep sense of self through her diary entries and as you explore the fantasy world, you will discover the power of words that propels her throughout her story. In no time at all, you'll be addicted to this game, with two free chapters and six more to unlock.

You might just find Lost Words: Beyond the Page to be the perfect game for you if you're in search of a unique, engaging game to play. The player embarks on an atmospheric narrative adventure in which words have tremendous power, which they can use to accomplish puzzles and alter the environment.

With its unique watercolor aesthetic and blending of 2D worlds with 3D visuals, this game stands out from its competitors. Finally, what's better than a cherry on top? Rhianna Pratchett crafted the story for the game.

In Izzy's diary, there is a fantasy story

A young girl named Izzy is the central character in Lost Words: Beyond the Page APK. Life, love, and loss are all stuff she's trying to get through. Izzy's diary pages and Estoria, a vibrant magical land, are interconnected throughout the game.

Throughout the game, you'll discover the power of words, as well as their impact on reality and fantasy, as Izzy goes on her emotional journey. As well as this, this game also boasts an exciting storyline written by Rhianna Pratchett that will surely leave a lasting impression on players.

Key features of Lost Words: Beyond the Page APK

  • Two-dimensional worlds
  • Storytelling that immerses the audience
  • Style and visual appeal are beautiful
  • Playing with innovative ideas
  • A meaningful exploration of the world

Gameplay that involves puzzles and adventures

Its gameplay combines puzzles, historical background, and storytelling in a harmonious way. The player controls her diary entries and her avatar in Estoria, an enchanting world. Through words, players solve puzzles, gain abilities, and go inside Izzy's head to learn what she feels and how she sees the world.

Throughout the game, you will encounter stunning landscapes, fascinating characters, and thought-provoking dilemmas. Simple controls allow the player to progress through the levels in an innovative way by interacting with the words on the screen.

The puzzle mechanics are very attractive

Using words, players manipulate the environment in Lost Words: Beyond the Page APK. As a result, Izzy can safely travel through Estoria's magical world. The player can change the landscape of the adventure, summon objects, or activate various magical effects by choosing and interacting with the words on the screen.

Words such as "raise" or "demand" may represent specific elements or actions, for instance. It is possible to create new platforms, bridge gaps, and uncover hidden paths by dragging and placing these words in specific areas of the level.

Estoria also features fireflies scattered throughout for players to collect along with verbal puzzles. A number of purposes are served by these luminescent creatures in the game. Izzy can learn new skills, solve puzzles, or even uncover hidden plot elements through these hints.

Animations and sounds that are beautiful and lively

Additionally, this game has enchanting watercolor-inspired visuals and beautiful hand-drawn animations. With beautiful illustrations and detailed animations, the characters of the world of Estoria come to life.

In addition, David Housden composed an enchanting soundtrack for the game. The ethereal atmosphere and deep story of the game are well complemented by this. By doing so, players will experience an auditory experience they will never forget. This game is overall an enjoyable experience due to its effective blend of graphics and sounds.

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