Juragan Fauna Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Juragan Fauna Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 3.1.1 Download voor Android

App door:
Trimatra Studio
3.1.1 voor Android
Bijgewerkt op:
sep 20, 2023
443 MB
Vereist Android:
5.1 and up
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What are you waiting for? Become a zoo owner and embark on an exciting journey! You will become the master of an entire zoo when you play Juragan Fauna, a captivating zoo management simulation. In Juragan Fauna Mod APK, you will embark on a journey filled with exotic animals, challenging objectives, and exciting gameplay as you build a thriving zoo business from scratch.


In the app, you are the budding owner of a zoo who borrows 20 billion rupiahs from a loan shark. Using this borrowed fortune, you are tasked with transforming the zoo into a thriving, profitable enterprise. Invest wisely, purchase a large plot of land, and carefully select animals that are legally protected and adhere to government regulations in order to do so.


Unlike other games, Juragan Fauna has engaging gameplay at its core. The manager of your zoo is responsible for paying off a substantial debt. The game offers players a variety of ways to buy and sell goods, including grocery stores for animal food, electronics shops for entertainment, and one-stop shops for decor and daily necessities. You should visit the Minister of Forestry Building to expand your collection of animals and don't forget to expand your land.

Juragan Fauna Mod APK Features:

Unlimited Money

You can unlock the full potential of your zoo by using this game to get unlimited money.

Provide Stunning Habitats

Your zoo will be a captivating place for visitors when you design gorgeous habitats for exotic animals.

Recruit workers

Employ workers such as cleaners, security guards, counter guards, and animal caretakers to keep your zoo running smoothly.

Selling unique items

There are many unique vendors outside the zoo offering delicious treats, toys, balloons, and more to keep your visitors entertained.

The advantages are:

Unlimited Funds

As a result of the MOD APK, you have unlimited money available to you, enabling you to create the ultimate fauna empire and expedite your progress.

Endless Creativity

Make your exotic animal residents' lives more fulfilling by designing and customizing their habitats.

Varied Gameplay

Juragan Fauna Mod APK latest version offers a wide range of gaming experiences, whether you're seeking casual gaming or strategic challenges.

Immersive Simulation

From financial management to animal care, discover the rewards and responsibilities of zoo ownership.


Que: Are there any in-app purchases in the game, apart from the MOD APK?

Ans: The game may offer in-app purchases for players who wish to enhance their gaming experience further.

Que: What are some of the unique challenges and quests players can expect in Juragan Fauna?

Ans: Players will face challenges related to financial management, expanding the zoo, and completing quests that test their zoo management skills.


Juragan Fauna Mod APK For Android lets you build and expand the zoo of your dreams with unlimited resources, allowing you to join an exciting world of zoo management. Playing this game allows you to express your creativity, develop your strategy, and have fun. The animal kingdom needs you to be the most successful and coolest zoo owner, overcoming challenges, achieving milestones, and showing everyone what a zoo owner should be. Explore the exciting world of zoo business with Juragan Fauna!

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