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TakeOne Company
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Bijgewerkt op:
dec 01, 2023
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Vereist Android:
5.0 and up
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The K-pop group NCT is the star of the cinematic adventure game NCT Zone APK. Never-before-seen footage of NCT members in various themes is included in the game. 

Fans can now enjoy their favorite K-pop group in a new way thanks to brand-new songs, picture cards, and an NCT ZONE pop-up store. Additionally, a unique music created just for the game was recorded.

By fusing the attractiveness of NCT with the well-liked puzzle game and the city management components of a social network game, NCT ZONE for Android is a game that will offer a unique experience.

This is a project that offers the 20 NCT members a special and enjoyable experience. Specifically, an OST song for their mobile game will be released by the twenty members of NCT.

With the arrival of NCT ZONE, fans will be able to interact with and learn more about their idols through this unique gaming experience. In addition to being a game, NCT ZONE Game Download will have intriguing extras like photocards and pop-up places that are tied to the overall theme of the game.

By bridging the gap between musicians and their followers, the software hopes to strengthen bonds over the internet. NCT fans may anticipate a unique treat in addition to the game itself: an especially created original soundtrack (OST).

Join forces with your most beloved NCT member to clear KWANGYA of nightmares and bring NEOZONE back! You'll hear a variety of entertaining and thrilling tales from each member along the way. Your relationship with the members will deepen as you cleanse the nightmares!

My Top NCT Representative:

Choose your favorite NCT member, then head into NCT ZONE Game APK to start your adventure. You'll be able to access game goodies as you grow your selected bias. Additionally, you can engage with them via the lobby screen to observe their responses. 

Members' Quarters:

Develop your relationship with the members in the members' room by interacting with them and giving them presents. By looking through various content, you'll also have the opportunity to gather your bias's unusual selfie photocards! 

Unique Photocards:

Download NCT ZONE APK For Android if you're interested in learning more about the unique, never-before-seen concepts of NCT members. Gather all of the members' enticing photocards and purify every nightmare in KWANGYA.  


In NEOZONE, you can create a wide range of things that are required to help members flourish and cleanse nightmares! Construct lovable structures and dress up the participants! Gather CCOMAZ and force them to dance as one! Adorn NEOZONE according to your style! The members' activities vary based on the building!

Dream Within a Dream:

You can investigate NCT members' dreams in the ethereal realm of The Dream in a Dream in NCT ZONE. You will be able to experience a variety of episodes with the members of these dreams. With your prejudice, what type of tale do you hope to tell? Create unique narratives with the participants by making individual decisions in the Dream in a Dream!

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