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Wersja: dla Android
sty 02, 2023
65.1 MB
Wymagany Android:
9.0 and up
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Choose a unique character from the game with his or her own superpowers. Their opponents can be outwitted by slowing down the time or transforming into powerful beasts to attack them.

Play solo or in co-op against your friends across Earth's most beautiful landscapes. In addition to weapons, magic can be a valuable tool in eliminating enemies. You can teleport out of combat or flooded the map, summon zombies or set traps.

About CRSED Mobile APK

This game's unique combination of realism and black magic is what makes it one of the most exciting to play.

A brutal online shooter featuring melee weapons, firearms, magic rituals, and supernatural powers, CRSED Mobile is an intense online experience. Whether you want to slow down time or turn into a beast, you can choose from one of the unique Champions. Fight your way to the top of the world against your opponents and be the last one standing. It's up to you whether you want to fight alone or with friends.

Using realistic firearms is the easiest way to get rid of the enemies, but don't ignore the power of magic to gain an advantage over your opponents. Throw hex bags at enemies and draw seals with your blood to use your extraordinary powers. 

  • Displays incredibly realistic 3D graphics
  • There is a great deal of smoothness in character animation
  • It also displays vivid sound effects
  • There are many supernatural characters
  • Magic can be used along with weapons

Inventories of weapons

Whether you're using knives, assault rifles, or grenade launchers, you can use whatever you want

The power of mysticism

Make a spell that affects others, summons zombies, or drew trapping signs!

A wide range of customization options

Get additional tactical bonuses by creating your own style

Interesting Features of the game

  • An ever-growing collection of highly realistically modeled weapons (including battle-proven XX century classics such as Mosina rifles and MG-42 machine guns, as well as modern firearms) and combat armor.
  • A lot of demon powers for healing allies, slowing down enemies, setting traps, summoning zombies, or even teleporting enemies elsewhere.
  • It is possible to cover distances by using different ground vehicles and boats.

Battles between massive numbers of players

  • The picturesque and highly detailed setting welcomes dozens of players to the battlefield, where the size of the battlefield is constantly shrinking because of the wall of the deadly Dark Zone.

The ability to customize deeply

  • There are seals, rituals, suites, masks, gestures, tombstones, camera minions, and other items available for players to craft and learn. In addition to those that are important for your custom Champion build, there are some that are only cosmetic in nature.

Good control system

A third-person shooter video game would expect the controls to be similar to those found in CRSED Mobile. Slide your finger across the screen to control the camera while controlling the movement of your hero on the left side of the screen. As for the action buttons, they are located on the right side: shoot, change weapon, crouch, jump, pick up objects, etc. A wasteland full of detailed buildings will be taken to you by the 3D graphics.

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