Simulador de Escravidão APK

Simulador de Escravidão APK 1.0 Ściągnij dla Android

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1.0 dla Android
maj 27, 2023
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5.0 and up
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Simulator Escravido is a purely entertainment-oriented mobile game. The inhumane treatment of individuals and slavery in real life must, however, be strongly condemned. It lets players engage in various activities related to owning slaves, simulating the experience of managing a fictional slave trade. It is crucial to acknowledge the fictional nature of this game and approach it with sensitivity.


Simulador de Escravidão APK allows players to trade slaves, manage and protect slaves from rebellions and escapes, and engage in the virtual slave trade, managing slave well-being and managing slave well-being. In the game, players have the option of taking either the Tyrant's Path or the Liberator's Path. There are multiple paths to reach different objectives, ranging from becoming prosperous slave owners to striving for slavery abolition.


You will enter an environment where the slave trade is prevalent as a slave owner in this simulator. The main objective of your game is to manage your workforce of workers, gladiators, and pleasure slaves while adapting to fluctuating prices. The game offers additional features such as determining which slaves should be allocated to which companies and exploring new technologies to optimize profits.


This APK simulates slave ownership and provides a variety of gameplay features. While closely monitoring market dynamics, players can take part in the slave trade. Providing training and improving living conditions for slaves will prevent rebels from escaping as well as escapes from rebellions. Slavery can generate income for players by assigning them to different companies while exploring new technologies can increase profits.

Features of Simulador de Escravidão APK

  • Become a slave trader: Buy and sell slaves, constantly adjusting to fluctuating market prices.
  • Ensure your slaves' safety by providing training, providing tailored living conditions, and hiring security guards.
  • Manage slaves to generate income by assigning them to various companies.
  • Innovations in technology: Take advantage of new technologies to boost income generation and unlock new features.

The following benefits:

This apk offers players the opportunity to experience controversial themes and scenarios on a fictional platform. This system provides individuals with a controlled environment in which to make challenging choices. In order to understand and respect the game's fiction, it's important to recognize its fictional nature.


Simulador de Escravidão APK simulates managing a fictional slave trade in a mobile game. This game allows players to explore a variety of aspects of slavery ownership, but it should be emphasized that it is for entertainment purposes only and doesn't endorse slavery in the real world. During this game, we urge players to treat everyone with dignity and respect and to approach it with sensitivity.

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