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1.1 для Android
апр 25, 2023
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4.1 and up
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A major city police force entrusts you with leading a tactical response team. It is your responsibility to conduct tactical entry procedures to secure barricades and hostages with the least amount of casualties possible.

Crisis Response APK plays like a side-scrolling shooter, but the projectile interactions and injuries are more realistic than you’d expect. In order to save someone once they have been hurt, the player will have to work against the clock. If damage and resistance are to be minimized, gear and tactics must be carefully selected.

A major city's police force's tactical response team will assume players' roles in Crisis Response Game. A side-scrolling game that teaches you how to plan and execute an entry strategy for a barricade and a hostage scenario. As you evaluate weapons and tactics, you must ensure that your strategy prevents as many casualties as possible while saving lives as well.

An interactive adventure focused on narrative.

Taking place during a teleportation experiment gone wrong, this interactive adventure tells a narrative-driven story.

Inspired by Half-Life and STALKER's stories and atmosphere.

An evaluation of performance

Introducing the benchmark feature, which is entirely new. Several times over, three characters are subjected to a hail of bullets at the benchmark level. The settings increase steadily as the process continues. In the end, the game suggests settings that will lead to a good performance based on the frame rate recorded.

The bloodstream

As well as the new feature, there is another one in the game. It has been made so that blood forms streams as it leaves wounds when it is subjected to high pressure. As the streams fly, they break up into particles.

Flowing blood at a slow pace

Streams of new blood break up into particles as they flow.

Streams bounce off the floor and break up into particles as soon as they hit it. There is a sort of splashing effect created.

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