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Visual Novel
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A visual novel is a unique type of story game, and Goodbye Eternity APK is one of them. You take on the role of a hard-living man who is given another opportunity in it. When this man awakens in his younger body, the world appears to be the same as it is right now. You can now decide how to live your new life. Will you choose to be kind to others, form friendships, find love, or exact revenge? However, an odd event has occurred. Things are changing in the past, and your eyes are yellow. Making difficult decisions about past rivals and women who have broken your heart is necessary. Can you figure out why you were given this second chance at life? That's the key question.


After going through years of pain and suffering, the protagonist of this second chance fantasy story awakens thirty years in the past in their younger form. The expansive metropolis of Nyoto provides a stage for those seeking to alter their destiny and exact revenge on those who wronged them as children.


The first decisions made when encountering characters such as Noriko and Yasuka create the initial branching tale paths. Depending on the player's inclination, renaming any person they encounter helps to further personalize the story.  

The elegant, sleek user interface makes navigation simple. For more immersion, the vibrant background art alternates between morning, afternoon, and evening versions. A comprehensive guidance system guarantees that participants never lose track of their progress.  

Beneath well-known stories, hidden environmental mysteries invite closer examination. New interaction opportunities that are included into the primary cross-genre gameplay mix arise when additional buried lore is discovered.

A World Rich with Opportunities and Choices

This individual has a major decision to make at the beginning of the game: correct past errors or try new things. Saying goodbye to Eternity opens up new avenues for communication with women. It's your tale to write whether or not you like them, whether or not you control them, or whether or not other things happen. What you say and do during a conversation with a lady alters your relationship with her. These decisions reveal many facets of power and love as well as divergent outcomes.

Amazing Art That Has Life In It

The appearance of Goodbye Eternity 0.8.1 APK is among its greatest features. The artwork is so fantastic that it almost feels like an anime film. Some claim that the images alone make the game worthwhile! Because the game is played at 60 frames per second (FPS), motions feel fluid and realistic, similar to fast-turning pages in a book of pictures. There are lots of interesting sites to discover in the game's expansive city, which changes as the day progresses.

Enriching Narratives and Audience

Every character in Goodbye Eternity has a genuine story to tell. The musician "Quotam" has some beautiful music tracks. You arrive in a sizable metropolis full of diverse individuals, some pleasant and some not so much. A major factor is music, which amplifies the intensity or passion of every moment. The game's well-organized menu structure further facilitates comprehension of what's happening.

Tips for playing Goodbye Eternity 0.8.1 APK

Consider Your Options

The narrative is shaped by your decisions. Be careful what you say, especially to ladies. Or won't you be considerate? Every decision opens up a new avenue.


There are plenty of sights to view in the game's expansive city. Look around for objects that will aid you in telling your story.

Earn Money

Your father owes you money that you need to repay. To continue playing the game and avoid this issue, look for employment or other sources of income.

Enhance Yourself

Improve your speech or other abilities. Talking to individuals or coming up with new options for the story could be aided by doing this.


Goodbye Eternity APK For Android strives to provide an immersive, emotionally charged interactive experience where the player's actions shape their destiny through a variety of storylines that are influenced by their agency, an eye-catching visual novel-esque presentation, and eventually, more frequent live content updates. Either personal atonement or punishment is in store!  

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