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Need for Speed Mobile APK 0.12.434.1207083 İndir Android için

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Level Infinite
0.12.434.1207083 Android için
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Tem 11, 2023
1.8 GB
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11 and up
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With Need for Speed Mobile APK, you're gonna be on an exhilarating race to the limit. In addition to offering a heart-pounding arcade racing experience like no other, this game is part of the esteemed Need for Speed franchise, bringing the popular racing series to mobile platforms. The adrenaline-fueled racing experience that the game is enhanced with incredible drifting mechanics, diverse tracks, thrilling game modes, and exclusive cop chases.


Street racing becomes more vibrant and competitive when you play Need for Speed Mobile APK. Whether you're an aspiring racer or a professional racer, you'll experience a variety of race tracks, each of which will challenge you with its own unique challenges. It immerses you in a story where you master your driving skills and outmaneuver your opponents to compete for the title of ultimate racer.


It features intense street racing action with adrenaline-pumping speed that stays true to the legacy of the franchise. Compete against skilled opponents while driving more than 30 officially licensed cars. Your racing destiny will be in your hands thanks to intuitive controls and responsive handling.

These features include:

A thrilling race and a drifting adventure

Become a drifting master as you navigate different tracks and experience the thrill of high-speed races. Discover your true racing potential and experience the thrill of wild speed.

Cop chases and open worlds

Discover the thrill of high-stakes cop chases, exclusively available on Need for Speed Mobile APK. You'll be able to showcase your driving skills as you evade the relentless pursuit of the law on an open-world map spreading over 10 km by 10 km.

Setting up and customizing

Personalize your avatar with hundreds of outfits and express yourself with custom avatars. Personalized paint, rims, tires, wraps, and more are available to enhance your car's appearance and performance. Put your own style and preferences into your ride.

Social Features

Compete online with players around the world and join thrilling multi-player races. Take part in online crews, join live chats, and team up with friends. Compete in online events and climb competition rankings to demonstrate your skills. Develop relationships in-game by immersing yourself in our vibrant community.

An exciting mobile racing experience

Mobile versions of the beloved racing franchise are now available, allowing you to bring the excitement of high-speed racing to your mobile device.

Race Experience with Authenticity

With intense street racing action, realistic driving mechanics, and licensed cars from all over the world, Need for Speed stays true to the Need for Speed legacy.

Personalized to a great extent

Create your own style for your character and customize it to your liking. Make your car stand out in the races by customizing its appearance and performance.

Player-versus-player online

Create crews, form races, and climb the rankings with players around the world. Forge in-game relationships and take part in a vibrant community.


You can experience the adrenaline-fueled thrill of racing with Need for Speed Mobile APK on your mobile device. A thrilling racing adventure awaits you in the game thanks to its amazing drifting mechanics, diverse tracks, and exclusive cop chases. A vibrant online community allows you to engage in high-stakes races, build your dream car, and dominate the streets. Experience the thrill of high-speed racing with this amazing game today.

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