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BunFan Games
Phiên bản: cho Android
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Thg1 06, 2024
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422 MB
Yêu cầu Android:
5.0 and up
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Now go to a different world where you are a young wolf and everyone is an animal instead of a person.

About Beat Banger APK

Beat Banger is a rhythm-based beat game that is based on a TV show, the way you play it is distinctive and different. where you are the only main character in a journey from rags to riches story. 

Rise to the top of Beat Banger Studios, a small rhythmic porn production business that needs your help badly. You apply for a simple job in production, but it looks like the CEO has something else in mind for you. You won't want to miss a beat, so get in now.


In Beat Banger APK, the levels are rhythm-based and reward careful timing, accuracy, and consistency. The "thrusts" your character does are shown by the beats inside the stages. If you do well in certain parts of the game, you might get different animations as a reward.

On the level select screen, you can play any rounds again after beating them. Do your best to get a high score and more Shop cash!

Features of Beat Banger APK Latest Version

Diverse Music Library

The game has a huge music library with songs from many different types of music, like dance, hip-hop, pop, and more. There are many songs to pick from, and each one has its beat and challenge.


People who play the game can make it their own by picking out their characters, clothes, and visual themes. This amount of customization makes the game feel more like a personal experience and keeps people interested.

Competitive Mode

Beat Banger Full Free is a game where players can compete against their friends or other players online. Playing against other people makes things more exciting and pushes players to get better.

Daily Challenges

Daily tasks and rewards are added to Beat Banger to keep the game fun and new. These tasks, which can be anything from getting a certain score to mastering a certain song, keep players coming back to the game every day.

Dynamic Effects

By adding new motivational effects, The Game has raised the bar for visual quality. Every little thing has been thought of to make the experience magical, from the bright lights to the smooth curves.

Lots of Colors

The colors used in Beat Banger APK are great. Whether they're bright colors or tones that change depending on the light, 2D images make the game world a colorful place to play.

Smooth Motion

Beat Banger APK's 2D graphics aren't just still pictures; they also focus on smooth motion. Every move, from small ones to big waves, is meant to add style and energy.

How to play

Catchy Rhythm

Beat Banger APK is mostly about controlling the main character by tapping your phone to the beat of the music. Players will face rhythmic tasks and enjoy how the graphics and music work together to make a fun and unique experience.

Ability to Change the Pitch

Users of Beat Banger APK can change the sound of the game to suit their tastes. You can change everything about the game, from the beat rate to how it looks, to make the best gaming experience possible.

Multiple Player Mode

It's best to play Beat Banger APK with other people. Get in touch with your friends, test them, and do rhythm tasks with them. Competition and teamwork make each situation special.


Making changes to the game is one way for users to make content. The "mods" button on the main screen will take you to these levels. There won't be any mods built into this game. On the other hand, you can find mods on our group discord. Save changes to your own risk!