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11月 08, 2023
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In Ark Survival Ascended APK, players must survive dinosaurs in a world of extinction. Your quest to tame dinosaurs and other creatures begins as soon as you wake up on a mysterious island filled with dinosaurs. The island can be explored, built, and crafted by forming a tribe.

In order to achieve realistic graphics and physics, the game relies on Unreal Engine 5. There is a more realistic look to the lighting and water. Things like explosions move foliage and cause it to react to wind.

Multiplayer and mods are cross-platform compatible. The AI has been improved, dinosaur babies have been added, and new camera modes have been added.

The Island map will be available for free at first, with more maps coming later. Educate and tame more than 100 dinosaurs and fantasy creatures. Make bases and protect yourself from the elements. You can explore the island on your own or with others from your tribe.

With this game, you will experience dinosaur survival like never before. Interfaces and systems have been redesigned to make everything more efficient. A constantly growing collection of creatures, maps, mods, and more is being added all the time. In Ark: Survival Ascended Free Download, you can live out your dinosaur fantasies.


It has been made easier to build bases and manage resources thanks to several improvements. There are no longer any cables between electrical generators and appliances; they can be powered wirelessly, including appliances that previously required gasoline, like the Fabricator. It is now only necessary to connect chemistry benches to electricity. The irrigation system is wireless, operating within a radius of its intake pipe, and the range is extended by reservoirs.

The seeds now spoil at the same rate as the berries they correspond with. Official servers no longer display the speed status effect, but other servers do. A baby dinosaur may sometimes be found with a parent, and it can be claimed by slaying or taming the parent. Electricity, irrigation, and raising babies are all streamlined through these changes. There will be a simpler and more intuitive way of building bases and managing resources.

Features of Ark Survival Ascended APK Latest version

  • Various maps, creatures, and items will be added.
  • UE5-based water, foliage, and cutscene improvements
  • Server and base performance optimizations
  • Pathfinding and AI improvements for creatures
  • Platform-agnostic anti-cheating
  • Additional functionality for the mini-map
  • Directional movement and third-person camera
  • Pings and gamepad cursors are communication systems
  • Modifications to character management and customization
  • Find and tame wild dinosaur babies
  • New snap points added to the revamped building
  • More features, including photo mode and Nvidia DLSS

As part of its high-end graphics, Ark Survival Ascended APK has fully dynamic Global Illumination ("Lumen"), which ensures that light bounces off surfaces realistically and produces realistic reflections, as well as advanced mesh streaming ("Nanite") that features hundreds of millions of triangles for high detail.

As creatures move through fluids, they create waves, ripples, splashes, and bubbles, and there is fully interactive foliage that reacts to characters, explosions, projectiles, and physics objects, including dynamic water that creates waves, ripples, splashes, and bubbles. Watch a tree crash into other trees, disrupting all the foliage, before smacking into the grass below! In response to an enemy's presence, notice how the grass sways and shifts. Watch the pieces of a building break apart realistically and interact with the grass and water.

The game includes all three game modes, Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction. Upon release of the Island, further expansion worlds will be added at no additional cost on a regular basis.

Better Survival Experience

Design your own Survivor, create your own tribe, train dinosaurs, breed them, and ride them in a living ecosystem. Be careful with what you eat, what you drink, what the weather is doing, and what the temperature is doing. As you harvest, build structures, farm crops, customize your visual designs, and explore The Island and the world beyond, you will slowly expand outwards.

Redesign every aspect of Quality of Life

An all-new User Interface, dynamic navigation for intelligent creature pathfinding, Wild Babies, Photo Mode, new camera systems, a new map system, a tracking system, new items and structures, and many more features have been added to the game.

Cross-Platform Modding

With a dedicated new Mod-bowser in-game, players can download and enjoy new custom content, including maps, items, and game modes! The community's creativity and talent are unleashed across gaming platforms for the first time ever, creating an endless stream of new ARK content!

Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Develop your online tribe across multiple gaming platforms while surviving and thriving on the Ark!

The game supports 70 simultaneous players in public online multiplayer, up to 8 in private multiplayer, and two in local split-screen gameplay.

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