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The horror game Đồng Cỏ Lau APK has a deep underlying story that players can discover, despite its initially sparse and unclear appearance. Plot details are dispersed around the map in irregular pieces that need close inspection to put together. The main narrative that players encounter is compiled and summarized on this page from the viewpoint of the main character, Hai.

Overview of Prologue Events

Hai is initially portrayed as a young man who is inebriated and goes home one night. He falls into a field, but a mysterious fire orb picks him up and shows him the route. During his travels, Hai comes across several paranormal occurrences connected to past tragedies and losses. The premature death of Hai's wife, suspicions of foul play, and indications that Hai himself passed very suddenly only 49 days later are among the prominent themes. 

The Ghostly Pursuer

The resentful spirit of Thien, the supposed drunk driver who struck and murdered Hai's wife Yen in an automobile accident, is a well-known adversary that pursues Hai. But from Thien's grave, murmurs declare his innocence. This raises questions about what caused the crash in the first place. For most of the game, Hai is constantly in danger of being startled by Thien's eerie, blood-stained ghost who is missing his head. 

The Haunted Temple

The people believe that accidents in the region are caused by a terrible supernatural force, which is inspired by an ominous shrine close to the crash scene. This fuels the theory that someone other than Thien was responsible for the collision that killed Yen. Hai is obstructed by ghosts, which suggests a connection between the temple and restless spirits.

Family Gravestones & ancestry 

The family cemetery of Hai provides more hints. Just 49 days after his wife's tragic death, Hai's cemetery location is probably represented by one obscured gravestone. Hai could not know that he had passed away. Furthermore, the gravestone of Hai's great-grandfather, a magician, indicates that he met his demise in combat with a "certain demon." Later on, the entire tale can depend on this particular detail.


Even if the prologue raises more questions than it answers, we can wrap up a few important plot points. Hai's irresponsibility led to his death a few weeks later, probably as a result of the sudden loss of his wife Yen in a car accident. Still, there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the crash's actual cause and the possibility of supernatural involvement. Hai is currently trying to absorb his prior trauma as he roams an ethereal dimension. Given his great-grandfather's previous experience combating demons, Hai might receive more magical family assistance in figuring out the truth and leading him to salvation.

Playing Tips for New Players

Here are some pointers to help you comprehend the intricate plot while playing:

  • Examine every aspect – the story is broken up, so make sure you look at everything. 
  • Increase the brightness whenever you can because darker spaces could hide clues.  
  • Areas should be visited again because additional backstories can be discovered there.
  • Consider things symbolically; look for metaphors and esoteric significance in events.

Đồng Cỏ Lau APK is a great sad narrative, despite its initial confusion. Through meticulous observation and interpretation of information, players can reveal the truth from shadows and help Hai find closure by conquering grief.

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