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From the creators of Fazbear's pizzeria, comes Fredbear's Family Diner, an unusual modification from the FNAF series. During the evenings, the protagonist works at the establishment as a night guard, with mechanical puppets playing for the children. To survive, the player must reveal various secrets hidden within the animatronics.

Animatronics have been upgraded at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza after years of being closed. As a result of taking a job at the pizzeria, you are investigating the rumors and dark secrets surrounding these animatronic toys. 


Upon reopening Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the player character becomes a night shift security guard. The group aims to uncover what caused the previous establishment to close, including rumors about murders, hauntings, and malfunctioning animatronics. Despite their plastic shells, the "Toy" versions of these animatronics are not exactly state-of-the-art. Can you guess what secrets it hides?


It used to be that Fredbear's Family Diner was the place where all the kids wanted to have birthday parties. It happened that the machine made a mistake once. They began killing people for fun while wearing machine hats.

This new hideout called Toy Animatronics will require you to uncover the truth. It won't be possible for you to take anyone with you. There could be nothing you can do about the fact that you are alone.

You can learn more about A Golden Past - Chapter 2 by downloading it for free! You must be careful!

Key Features of Golden Past 2 APK

  • Limited power and defense tools are available for first-person security guard gameplay.
  • Procedural generation creates a highly replayable gameplay experience.
  • Jump scares and a horror-infused atmosphere.
  • It takes strategy to survive challenging nights.
  • It is possible to uncover many mysteries and lore about the past of the pizzeria.
  • Throughout the location, you will find hidden Easter eggs and secrets.
  • The ability to unlock custom challenges and nights.

A Golden Past Chapter 2 differs primarily in its setting from Chapter 1. Users can observe the decorations necessary to celebrate a child's birthday by studying the room with the help of cameras. The second part allows the player to move around, so it is possible to view the decor more closely. It is through exploring the rooms that you will be able to discover the secrets of the family restaurant and the company that supplies it with mechanical dolls.

Because animatronics can also roam around the cafe freely, free movement entails increased danger. Using a flashlight to illuminate a small space in front of the hero will protect him from evil robots. Occasionally there are tables in rooms that you can hide under if the doll has already entered. It is not wise to hide for a long time in A Golden Past 2 Latest Version: animatronics in the sequel have artificial intelligence, which allows them to locate their prey quickly.

Guards can remain in their offices during passage, where they can access cameras. A limited and almost non-renewable resource, electricity is consumed by cameras and monitors in all of the FNAF games. Animatronics can also enter the office through the doors that need electricity to be closed. It is possible for the robot to appear from both the same, as well as from different entrances to the guard's room. Each robot has three entrances.

The best ways to protect yourself from robots

It is possible for the player to defend themselves against the evil puppets using various devices. A Golden Past's first part features familiar items like cameras and a flashlight, along with new tools. Furthermore, there have been some changes in the objects available in the game: there is now a Freddy mask and a music box.

In the animatronic's office, the player can hide using Freddy's mask, which serves as a cover for a time. The music box, on the other hand, scares the dolls away and brings them back to the hallway. It takes time for the electricity to be restored as well as the box to be recharged.

Additional features

In Golden Past 2 APK For Android, players can enjoy a bonus level that has been inherited from its predecessor. The five-night main storyline must be completed for access. There is a difference between the bonus episode and the regular episode in that the user can independently control the parameters of the night. Even with the lack of Russian translation, understanding the settings interface is not difficult.

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